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April 14

by Abi, Denyce, Caden and Alisha

Chameleons are famous for their quick changing colour abilities. They change temperature of light and mood.  Males become bright to signal their dominance and turn dark when they feel endangered.  Females let males know if they are willing to mate by changing colour of their skin. They change to bright yellow when they are angry. Owners of chameleons can learn to read their pet’s mood based on the colour of their skin. They can change colour because their other layer is transparent. Transparent means it allows light to pass through so that the object underneath can be seen. They have several layers of specialized  cells called chromatophores and these cells change colour. Their tails curl when they are scared, their eyes change to the same colour of their body. When they are shedding, their skin goes white. They can go up to 24 inches, and baby chameleons eat flies. Their feet are flexible. There are 100 different types of chameleons.  Differentiated by size, habitat, and colour, their life span is about 8-10 years.  Most chameleons live in Japan and they live in the jungle or the dessert. They are part of the lizard family and they eat mostly insects and greens. They are kept as pets. They have a blade on their back to protect themselves from their predators. Their tongue is 10 feet long. Their brain is the size of a jellybean. Chameleons are found throughout the deserts, jungle savannas and forests mostly found on Madagascar. They can be found in the wild. They are Omnivores, and they are reptiles. Their colours that they can change into are pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, light blue, yellow, and turquoise. They mostly eat insects because they are their favourite food. They are often the target for hungry predators. Their predators are snakes, bird, and mammals. Their main prey are insects, snails, and leaf. To protect their eggs they dig a hole that is 10-30 cm deep and bury them. Female chameleons have a clutch of eggs and there are about 20 eggs. Though the eggs can vary from 1 to nearly 100, the eggs take 4-12 months to hatch. Hawks are chameleon’s main predators. Chameleons can change colour in up to 20 seconds

What is RNA
By Stewart, Katelynne

RNA stands for Ribonucleic Acid. RNA is in every cell its role is to act like a messenger to carry instructions from DNA. It controls the syntheses of proteins. Although in some viruses RNA rather than DNA carries genetic information. RNA makes DNA stable. RNA looks with DNA to make protein. The master blueprint is DNA. Then RNA is the plan carrier. They ether build it in the cytoplasm or the endoplasmic reticulum. The building materials are amino acids. The construction workers are:
·       Ribosomes
·       RNA molecules

RNA carries genes. RNA can match any gene. RNA can be used as a research tool for DNA. RNA works with DNA to become a gene.

By Zach,  Cameron, 

 The location of Pompeii is in Italy. The volcano that covered Pompeii was Mount Vesuvius.  The city was covered in ash and pumice. The volcano erupted in AD 79. The top of volcano was a plinian volcano.  It covered two roman settlements. These were Pompeii and Herculaneum.  The explosion killed 16, 000 people. This explosion was one of the most infamous eruptions. The volcano shot gas, stone and ashes. The volcano shot out volcanic gas.  Vesuvius was one of the volcanos from the companion ark.  The explosion blew up the tip of the volcano.  It’s the only active volcano in Europe.  It’s one of the most dangerous volcanos.  The volcano is a stratovalcano.  The first eruption on Pompeii was the worst that the volcano made.  Now Pompeii is a place where tourists come to see the city.

The Bosnian War 
By Dora, Jaycee and Jaylah

The Bosnian War started from about January-April 6th 1992. It took place in Bosnia, Sarajevo, Herzegovina and some other places. During the war, they shot from the hills. People had to spend the night in cellars. The war in Sarajevo started on about March 1st. Bosnia began Serbs on Sarajevo. The purpose of the war was to become different countries.  It did not work except for Herzegovina which is now its own country.  Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia. This war was one of the most destructive wars in the 20th century. During the war, the water and electricity would go on and off. So some days at certain times, they wouldn’t have water, and other electricity and sometimes both. Over 20 people were killed and over 100 people wounded. Bosnia Serbs Sarajevo to prove their points for being different countries. The war came up to a result of Yugoslavia breaking up from Bosnia. 

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