Tuesday, January 31, 2017

E bikes are the real thing.

The hottest trend right now are e bikes. Yes e bikes. Some of you may be asking why would I want an ebike? There is no exercise in that kind of bike. You would be wrong. So wrong.

Electric vehicles were the best selling vehicles in the world in 2016. There were 35 million e vehicles sold. Improvements in battery technology have allowed for lighter bikes to ride. With this improved battery power there is greater efficiency in climbing hills or dealing with head winds. They also allow for better range.

On the monetary side ebikes are a lot less expensive to  operate than cars. Charging a bicycle is a few cents at a time while cars cost a lot for gas. Cars also require insurance and hefty repair bills. Bikes? The occasional repair that costs far less than a car.

With an e bike you can cut down on your commute time. No more waiting in heavy traffic. You will be able to move quickly alongside the waiting cars. There is more fresh air because you are not polluting. You also are not exposed to body odours or other disgusting smells that are evident in public transportation. Being more efficient in your travels leaves more time for other activities. Also for those travelling to work, an e bike means you will not need  a shower when you get to work. All the hard work will be done by the bike.

Some people feel that cars are faster than e bikes. On the open highway that’s true. But in town that is a different story. In town, cars average 18 mph while e bikes average 15 mph. Plus you can go on paths that cars can’t which can be a real time saver.

E bikes also allow people with asthma or other injuries the luxury of travelling and getting exercise with less effort. You don’t have to peddle all the time to benefit from the exercise portion. And speaking of exercise, if you peddle while you are riding you can put electricity back into the battery making your trek even longer. The new bikes recharge in minutes. You can plug them into any hydro outlet.

For those who like to travel ebikes come with carry alongs that allow you to visit places economically. The money you save on gas means you can do more things for your buck.
E bikes are definitely worth the cost. I think it’s time for everyone to pitch in and help the environment by getting an e bike.

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