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February 6 2015

Who discovered space?


Emily and BRAYDON

On July 14th NASA headquarters had a discussion in Washington, D.C. The scientists discussed a space plan to find life in outer space. Space was likely founded millions of years ago. NASA is still looking for life in the solar system. NASA is mostly looking for life on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. People believe the first person on earth discovered space but no one had space ships or telescopes yet. Other people believe the first person to discover space was Tycho Brahe along with other people. No one probably knows who did discover space now because it was probably millions of years ago and back then no one had technology and everyone from those times are dead now. How did someone discover there was no gravity in space? In the 18th century measurements at sea level and on tops of mountains showed that atmospheric pressure decreased. That is when no gravity in space was discovered. What is NASA? NASA is all about discovering new stuff about space and NASA is also a place where people get sent up into space.

How Do Touch Screens Work>
Grace and Jumah

A touch screen is on some phones and all tablets, it is a glass screen. A touch screen is glass that you can touch. When you touch the glass you can tap on icons. Tapping icons will open them. There are apps that download on to your tablet or phone. The rest you have to download. You can tap on games and they open then. You can play the games. A touch screen is made by turning sand into glass and then you put it on to the tablet or phone. The monitor on the tablet picks up what your tapping, The monitor is not on the glass. It is on the metal. When you’re on the lock screen you slide the screen sideways. You can put in your password and unlock it. The monitor picks up your finger prints and then you unlock the tablet.

How do Animals get rabies?
Mason and Alison

Animals can start off with rabies when they are born. These animals are Racoons, Bats, Skunks, and Foxes. Animals get rabies when they get bitten or even scratched by an animal that has rabies. They can also get rabies if saliva gets in an open cut, or a wound. The most likely animal to get rabies is a dog, because they are always outside and around a lot of different animals. People are able to get rabies. They can get it if a dog bites them, licks them, or it rubs it nose against their hands or any part of their skin. If a human gets bitten by any animal with rabies, and they don’t give medicine to the virus their brain can swell up and they can die. If they are not mammals they can’t get rabies. It can only infect mammals. Animals with rabies are usually known to have white foam coming out of their mouth. Rabies are only in the saliva. It is a virus. It is called virus neurotropic lyssavirus. There is a medicine to treat rabies it is called Postexposure Prophylaxis. To get the special medicine in your body you have to get a 5-inch needle in your stomach. For dogs, if they have rabies they will live for 2-3 days then there body weakens and they eventually die, unless they are treated before 3 days.  Every 10 minutes someone dies from rabies, because something bites them, scratches them, or licks them. If an animal or human gets bit and the animal has rabies, it changes their behavior so they won’t think properly, so they try to commit suicide.

How Do Country’s Get Their Names?
Matthew H, James

Most country’s got their names by a bit of a legend.
Greenland got its name by the lush valleys.
Iceland got its name by the icebergs after the suffering misfortune of early settlers.
First Canada was named Kanata, then Jacques Cartier was misunderstood and they thought he said Canada.
Not all countries have accepted names.
Africa got its name by the tribe that lived in Africa called Afri.
Some countries have more than one names here are some of them.
Germany-Deutschland and Nazis and many more.
U.S.A got its name because there are a lot of stats in it.
Before some countries used to be called by the tribes that lived in it.
Some countries names have changed over the years.
Some were named by events that happened in it.

BY: Jorja and Tyson?

Eastern Ontario in a part in Canada is hit with with loads of snow. Oshawa got covered with30 cm of snow. Montreal IS A COMMON PLACE FOR SNOW STORMS SOMETIMES.
Toronto HAD a BAD SNOW Storm from 11: 00 pm until 12: 00 pm. Oshawa, Kingston Cornwall, Halifax, Bowmanville and Montreal are some parts of Canada with lots of snow. Ottawa. Canada is known for its cold weather. In the USA Buffalo is a common place for snow.

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?
Jenson ,Kiera

The word ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery is from the Greek word ‘plastikos’. Plastikos means molding or giving form. In ancient Rome, plastic surgery started as a means to remove scars. Plastic surgery is to make people that think they need to look better look better. 318,123 is the number of breast implants in 2010. You can get plastic surgery on anything in your body.  Over $10 billion is spent on all U.S. surgery each year.  People get plastic surgery because they want to look pretty for someone your just because they think they look ugly.  

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