Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Google vs Microsoft

There was a discussion today in my class about the merits of Google vs Microsoft. It was quite interesting to hear their thoughts.

Here are their thoughts.

Google vs Microsoft

Google - provides their products for you to use - no strings attached - use or don’t use

Microsoft - pay to have the product on your computer

Google - convenience - everything is one place - programs - documents everywhere you need them

Microsoft - mostly limited to the computer you are working on

Google - easily accessible - anywhere there is a connection - phone, tablet, laptop, computer, as long as there is a connection you are in touch with your work

Microsoft - not so much

Google - documents can be shared and worked on together

Microsoft - documents can only be accessed by one person at a time

Google programs work together, hangout, shared documents,

Microsoft - no program interactions
Google - user friendly

Microsoft - adapted from a business format - not as friendly

Google - all programs are in one place on desktop - no need to search for programs or look through your icons

Microsoft - must create icons, arrange on desktop

Google - automatically saves the document in your drive

Microsoft - creates a backup file rather than automatic saving the document

Google - saves to the cloud

Microsoft - saves to the hard drive

Google - efficient

Microsoft - not efficient

Choices and options are simple - what you need

Microsoft - too many choices and options

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