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SOLE May 15

How Do Broken Bones Heal?
 By:  Jorja, Anya, Alison, Peyton
·         The Bone healing has 3 stages. Bone production. Inflammation. Bone remodeling. Our Bone are strong. Location of the fractures bones and produces new cells. Also Blood vessels. They rebuild the bone. Cells cover both ends of the broken body part and close the brake until as good as it was before the accident.

Step 1: Inflammation. Bleeding, will caused the factored area to swell this stage lasts about a month. Step 2: The swelling will go down. Step 3: Bone remodeling. This stage is basically just getting the bone back to normal.   
·         -Bone healing has 3 stages
·         -Bone production
·         -Inflammation
·         -Bone remodeling
·         -bones strong
·         Location of facture bones produce new cells
·         -and blood vessels
·         That rebuild bone
·         Cells cover both ends of broken part bone and close the brake until as good as it was

How Do People Go Deaf?

By: Matt. P and Emma (the dinosaur)

Deafness and hearing loss have many causes and can occur at any age. People can go deaf suddenly as a complication of a virus, or lose their hearing over time because of disease, nerve damage, or injury caused by noise. About 3 in 1,000 babies is born deaf, often because of genetic factors. If you listen to really loud music for a long period of time, you can go deaf because the sound is too loud for our ears. Hearing loss is when the ear does not take in the sound waves. Sound waves are a wave of sound that bounces off of walls and other objects and then into our ears, but for someone that is deaf (of suffers from hearing loss) would not hear the sound waves. At the age of 20 and older, our hearing starts to decline. If you are deaf, the bones in the eardrum might still be working but the electrical impulses aren’t able to reach the brain. Cleaning your ears with a Q-tip is NOT a good idea. If you clean your ears with a Q-Tip you could by rupturing the tiny bones within the ear drum, which could result in becoming deaf. If you are going deaf, you could get hearing aids to help your hear better. Although hearing aids don’t cure deafness. There is no cure for deafness. If you are born deaf, it could be because your mom or dad are deaf. Some drugs can cause temporary deafness. If you have trauma such as a fractured skull, this can cause hearing loss or it could even cause you to be permanently deaf (but only in the most extreme of cases). Other loud noises besides loud music can include: firecrackers, gun shots, concerts, someone that is screaming right next to you.

Why Is There An S For A Dollar Sign Instead Of A D?
By Tyson

No one really knows how the Dollar sign came about. There have been many theories. It is believed to have developed from a Spanish handwritten P for peso, the Spanish coin. It is also thought to represent the Spanish piece of Eight coin. The word dollar itself is from a German word Daler or a Czech word Thaler.
While a D would make more sense in today’s world, it is a historical word and therefore developed before modern English.

What Is Child Abuse?
By Grace, Heaven, Marlene Kiera and jumah 

One of the things of abusing is sexual interferences (raping). A million children are abused every year just in America. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and verbal. The meaning of physical means pinching, hurting, slapping, pushing and etc. Child abuse effects behaviour. They may feel trapped and they may feel like they can’t speak up and if they do they will get abused. Sexual is where they get forced for sex (rape), insisting on sexual acts and assaulting on breasts or genitals. The farthest is goes is death. Those that survive suffer and live with emotional scars. They are also most likely to think of suicide or suffer depression. The most abusive is physical and sexual (rape). Child abuse can also affect your learning. Girls and boys can abuse kids.

What Is The Holocaust?

It was the mass murder of the Jewish people when they were under all of the Nazis control. The Nazis killed 6 million Jewish people. The Jewish people were killed in camps such as Auschwitz. The Jewish people were living in concentration camps. The Nazis over ran the Jews in world war two. The Nazis also killed people such as Gypsies (fortune tellers). A lot of Jewish were found after the holocaust. It killed 2 out of 3 European Jews. The world war two stared in 1939. The were 9 million Jews and ^ million of the 9 million were killed. In the final months of WW2 the ss guard moved the camps inmates. The information about the concentration camps till the 90’s. WW2 ended May 7 1945.

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