Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social Services

Education is the basis for all we have in society. We were taught by good people who did their best to help us to learn the fundamentals of life. They exercised our brains to take us to places we never would have gone without them. Schools are the backbones of society.

While being the backbone of society, societies issues are affecting children more than ever before. While we may envision children in kindergarten and Grades 1 - 3 as having sweet smiling faces and who are compliant, the facts show that there is growing violence in those areas. Children are coming to school with issues few demonstrated while we were growing up. Spitting, kicking, and punching, to verbal abuse the likes of which we should never hear from anyone let alone children have become too common in today’s classrooms. Yet there it is in schools everyday for other children to learn from. Teachers are ill equipped to deal with these issues while trying to teach the other children in the class.

I believe that there need to be social services in the school building to help the students and their parents deal with the societal issues they face on a daily basis. What good is there in having social services in a building far away from the community where they live? It needs to be within walking distance and where the parents go to pick up their children. Being accessible is the key word here. If schools are the soul of the community then the services need to be where the need is. There should not be a wait time for social services. When children need them social services should be immediately available.  

If we value our children as much as society believes then it is time to step forward and make our schools the safe havens they should be. We need to give each child the best possible chance to become a productive and valuable member of our society. Every child is promised this chance through schools. Let’s fulfill this promise. Bring all the social services to the schools.  

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