Sunday, November 17, 2013

Curriculum Follow Up.

Below is one of the examples from my Social Studies Curriculum (Ontario). You can see in the sample questions some of the information I am using to perform SOLE with my students. The students will explore the questions and come up with information to show they understand and to answer the question. In doing this they will be discussing and explaining they knowledge gained from the research.In the brackets are also a place where some BIG questions could be developed.

A3.6 describe some significant differences among First Nations and between selected First Nations and European settlements in early Canada (e.g., with reference to political and economic organization; cultural practices; land use/ownership; personal autonomy; attitudes towards the environment; the roles of men, women, and children), and identify some of the reasons for these differences (e.g., climate; availability of resources and arable land; the culture, customs, and economic and political system in the mother country; familiarity with the land and its resources) Sample questions: “What were the differences between Haudenosaunee and Ojibwe housing?” “How did the social organization on a seigneurie differ from that in the town of Montreal?” “What were some of the differences between the life of a child in a Wendat family and one in a settler family in New France?” “How did climate and the availability of resources affect the way the Innu lived?”

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