Sunday, November 17, 2013


According to Simon Sinek, why is the reason that defines what we do. Those who are successful have defined their why, the deep down reason they do anything.  Some people are not the best speakers in the world, nor always have the best product or idea by they can articulate the reason why they believe in what they do and how it aligns with the higher purpose in life. That is why some people who come up with new ideas seem to come out of nowhere. They connect on why this is important, not how it will do something. Check out his Ted Talk for further details.

                SOLE is about the enrichment of student lives. It follows their interests and piques their curiosity. It allows them to be who they are rather than what I, as a teacher, want them to be. It expands on their curiosity and provides the basis for lifelong learning. Their knowledge base increases and so do the questions arising from it. Their confidence level soars so they can become who they want to be rather than something we, as teachers, have molded and shaped. It is inclusive. It fits all learning styles. It defines what education should be about.

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