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June 5

Why are tics a part of Tourette’s? What is Tourette’s?
Abi, Caoimhe, Mia, Jaycee
There are over 1000 different tics. Tic’s happen when you are under stress and anxious. It is a neurological disorder.  Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette discovered Tourette’s in an 86 year old man. Symptoms are noticed between the ages of 7-10. Tics come and go. More males are affected by Tourette’s than females. The first tics come in the head and neck area. If you have problems in pregnancy or child birth it is more probable that your child will have TS. TS stand for Tourette’s syndrome. There is nothing wrong with having Tourette’s. Many kids with Tourette’s are being bullied because they are different.  It occurs when the nerves in your brain have trouble communicating. Tourette’s is not contagious. People can have tics but not have Tourette’s but you can’t have Tourette’s without having tics. It is a genetic disorder. It affects all races, all backgrounds, and more guys than girls. There is no cure for Tourette’s yet.

Why are feet so smelly????
Alisha, Jaylah, Caden, Kaydn
Feet are smelly because they are the part of your body that are used at almost all times so they get sweaty. They also have the most sweat pores… about a pint of sweat is produced in a day. A pint is a unit of liquid or dry capacity equal to one half of a quarter. The sweat itself is not smelly, it’s the bacteria on your feet mixed in with the sweat to create the stink… the bacteria eats a layer of your skin each day. You don’t need to worry… you have many layers of skin.  Sweat and bacteria often mingle in socks and shoes... this is why your shoes smell.  Your feet smell even worse when you have athletes foot. If you have anything between your feet they will smell worse.
What Makes A Book A Classic?
Dora, Cameron C., Andrew, Zack
A classic book is accepted as being exemplary and noteworthy. Exemplary means it represents the best of its kind.  An example of a classic book is Moby Dick. Some classic authors are Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. Some people say who classic authors are from their opinion. Lots of people read classic books over and over. For a book to become a classic book, the book has to be famous for many years. Classic books are studied at schools and universities. It makes you think the book is in real life. It makes you want to read the book on. Once you read it for the first time, it makes you feel like you’ve read the book many times.

Why Do We Get Sunburned?
Aidan, Denyce, Olivia, Rheya
When you get a sunburn you’re basically killing skin cells. There are different types of UV’s. UVA is one UVB is two and UVC is three. UVB rays are what causes the pain. UVB only damages the top of your skin. They are an ultraviolet burn. An ultraviolet burn is a normal sunburn. VC rays are the most dangerous sunburn. UV can cause tumors. Melanin is a dark brown/black pigment exposed to sun. Pigment is the redness of the burn. Some sun burns can be life threatening. You can get skin cancer. If you get direct sunlight for too long it can cause DNA damage. Sometimes you can get dizzy. If you are 60 and over you should not be in the sun for more than 10 minute’s,  maximum to save the risk of death. It could cause blisters, skin peeling, redness and reactions. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. You can almost burn anywhere. Don’t go in the sun for about (2 days ) maximum, 1 day minimum after a burn.
Where does the universe end? 

By Keeshan, Hunty, and Cameron b
Out of the entire universe it has no center. The universe does not end, it goes on and on and it has tonnes of galaxies. At the end of space there is just the universe. Something called the big bang happened in space. A long time ago the big bang changed space over a Million times in I little second.

Dark matter
Stewart, Katelynne, Cody, Adrian
80% of mass is dark matter.  It doesn’t emit light or energy.  Dark matter holds the elements in space.  Space only had dark matter.  Dark matter creates black holes.  Dark matter created stars.  It was made before the big bang theory.  Dark matter is the energy in space.  Dark matter was a life saver.  People think it is a failed dwarf galaxy.  Once it mixed with the Milky Way.  It cannot be seen with a telescope.  Jan Oort discovered dark matter.  Dark matter is basically little Atoms.  Dark matter is a type of matter.  Matter is a physical substance.  Dark matter and Atoms make a star.  Dark matter cannot be seen directly.

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