Monday, June 9, 2014

Raising Money For The Soup Kitchen

23 Kids Make $235 For Soup Kitchen
by Andrew and Kaydn

Mr. Ferguson’s Grade 5 class at Coronation Public School have a special way of learning. It is called SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment).  In a SOLE we get to research topics of interest to us and discuss them with the class.
After a SOLE about Homelessness during our freezing winter, Mr. Ferguson’s Grade 5 class felt horrible about the poor and less fortunate. The students felt horrible about how many people needed support such as a shelter or a soup kitchen. We wanted to do something about it so we looked around for ideas.
One day Mr. Ferguson brought in a Yonana’s machine. A Yonana machine is a way to turn frozen bananas into a frozen, ice cream like substance. The class decided this was what we would do to help the Soup Kitchen. We started right away selling this non-dairy ice cream for the whole school. The class sold the ice cream product for about 5 weeks on every Wednesday for $1 each. Soon we added chocolate and caramel sauce. The kids loved it!
At the end of five weeks we made $235 after expenses. With the written cheque of $235 we walked to Saint Vincent’s soup kitchen in Downtown Oshawa and presented it to them. We discovered that our donation would pay for a meal for about 150 people. The soup kitchen does not turn anyone away. They feed anyone who shows up.
We had a brief tour of the Soup Kitchen and had a chance to have our questions answered. It made us all feel good to know we are making a difference. We are now thinking about what we might do next year….

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