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SOLE January 5 2015

Why Is The Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning?

Emily, Kiera, Peyton and Lindsay

In Italian the leaning tower of Pisa is Torre Pendente di Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a freestanding bell tower located in the city of Pisa in Italy. On the side where the tower is leaning it is 187.27 feet. On the other side of the tower it is 186 feet. The construction was stopped twice due to both wars. The leaning tower of Pisa took 344 years to build beginning in August 1173. The tower started leaning during the construction because it was built on soft ground. The leaning tower of Pisa has nearly been leaning for 840 years. The huge leaning tower was finished in 1372. The tower has been a danger of falling ever since the first brick was put down. The tower weighs 14,500 tons. The width of the tower is 2.44 meters.

Why do we dream? Can we have more than 1 in a night?

Anya, Marlene, Grace and Tyson

We dream because we are organizing and making sense of memories. Try to keep yourself half asleep with your eyes closed. We dream because our brain is still working. Some scientists think dreams have no purpose. You can change dreams in the night if your brain thinks it’s finished. Sometimes dreams can connect in one night. Yes we can have more than one dream’s in one night.

Are Sirens Real?

Keely, Cody, Ben, Alison and Harper

Sirens are believed to live a long time ago.  They are a part of mythology. They are dangerous but have beautiful voices. They dragged sailors down into the water and killed them. They are also known as sea sirens. Sirens are half bird half mermaid. They lived in Italy. They sang songs to attract sailors. The sailors crashed into an island to hear them. There are boulders around the island so if sailors crash into it they are dead. A group called the Argonauts found the sirens and got away. Sirens are the sea goddess daughter. Sirens are dangerous mermaids.

Can People have more than one disease at a time?
Emma, Heaven and Mason

You can get more than one disease at a time. When you get more than one disease at a time it is called auto immune. Most of us will have infections on our sex organ’s not all infections come from the male. You can get more than one disease from having unsafe sexual intercourse. There is no cure for herpes, aids or HIV. When you have unsafe sexual intercourse you can get diseases such as herpes, aids and HIV. It is not possible to get any of these diseases from kissing. There is no know prevention for most autoimmune disorders.

Why is chili called chili if it’s hot

By Anastasia, Marlene and Grace

The hot chili is because chili peppers and chili peppers are spicy. The name chili came from the Spanish word Chile. Chili is very popular and there are many types of chili peppers. Sometimes chili can be spicy or mild or somewhere in between. Most times chili is red. Chili is made of meat, tomato sauce and chili peppers. There is a lot of chili cook offs. A chili cook off is when people cook chili, then judges test it. The person with the best chili wins. The person who wins sometimes get to judge the next chili cook off or the winner gets 2 to 4 thousand dollars.
Why Do We Need To Go To School? By: James.

There are many reason why we need to go to school. Here are some of them:
1. Kids need to go to school because of house construction, gas problems, or power outages.
2. Kids need to go to school because if they want a job when they grow up. They’ll need to learn.
3. Kids need to go to school because of all the times they just play video games and just talk about video games so they can learn everything is not about video games.
4. Kids need to go to school because of their behaviour and they need to learn about treating people the way you want to be treated.
That’s 4 of them. There are still tons of reasons why out there. But, if you don’t like school, here’s some reasons why you might not like school.
1. You keep getting bullied by a bully everyday every recess (or not every day and every recess) and the bully keeps you from getting to the teacher.
2. A kid you don’t like keeps following you around a lot and you keep telling him to stop but he won’t and you try telling the teacher but he begs and pleads to tell you not to tell the teacher.
3. All the work you have to do when you get to a higher grade and so much homework that you really want time to play with your brothers and friends.
4. You just might not get used to your teacher when you’re doing your work.
5. The lack of sleep you will need for a school day. Trust me. I have to sleep at 9:30pm every night. If you don’t get enough sleep, you have a 75% chance of being grumpy and sleepy for the day.
6. When your being a big bully to someone most of the time. You get told on when you bully and get in lots of trouble you want to leave school forever.
That’s all 6 reason why you might not like school.
The main reason the schools were built was for kids to come learn and have fun. Of course. Kids don’t want to go outside on cold days. They rather stay inside than stay out in the cold.
Keep calm and get lots of sleep!

Why is chicken noodle soup good for you when you are sick?
By Jenson, Matthew P., Moody, Jumah, Braydon

The chicken can boost your immune system. It can create movement in some immune cells. The soup can keep you hydrated. Chicken contains vitamins and minerals. These are easier to digest when you are sick. Chicken noodle soup has 36 calories

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