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A SOLE Christmas Part 2

why is SANTA ON the coca cola bottle? 
emily, kiera and alison

Santa has been on the Coca Cola ads since 1920. Coca Cola helped Santa to become more popular. The new Santa has been based on a salesman’s idea. Santa became animated in 2001. The Coca Cola creators put Santa on the Coca Cola bottle when the Christmas holidays come. Coca Cola put Santa on the bottle because he wears a red suit and the coca cola bottle is red. The Coca Cola company did not come up with the idea of Santa being in a red suit. Before the Coca Cola ads came Santa was drawn many different ways than the Santa now. Before the Coca Cola ads Santa was even drawn as a scary elf. Coca Cola introduced the friendly human image of Santa created by Haddon Sundblom in December 1931.

John Pemberton who invented Coca Cola was in the army. John Pemberton invented Coca Cola on May 8th 1886 in Atlanta. The original Coca Cola was both alcoholic and coked up. The word coked up means drugged. Cocaine is an illegal now but when the first Coca Cola was created it was not illegal and was part of the formula. Cocaine was removed from drink in 1903. Coke is 123 years old. Coca cola originally cost 5 cents a glass.

Twas’ The Night Before Christmas Behind The Scenes.
By James, Jumah and P. Moody

A famous bedtime/Christmas book called ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, but people wanted to know who wrote it, how they got the idea of the book. The person who wrote the book uses the name Clement Clarke Moore. When it first appeared in the newspaper on December 23, 1823, there was absolutely no name attached to it. My guess for the main reason is to get kids start behaving and get kids to have good dreams and a good sleep the night before Christmas. It wasn’t till 13 years later that the author of the book Clement Clark Moore, a professor and poet, stepped forward to claim authorship of the book. In 1844, the basic poem was officially included for the first time in an anthology of Moore’s work.

How Do They Celebrate Christmas In Other Countries   
By: Lindsay and Mason

Many different countries celebrate Christmas differently some are, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and many more.(Italy celebrates by tying presents to a broom stick). In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7th and not December 25th. Every country celebrates Christmas in their own way. In Ireland it’s tradition to leave mince pies and a bottle of Guinness out for a snack for Santa. In the Netherlands people celebrate Christmas on December 6th. For many people in Japan traditional Christmas dinner is KFC. The Serbia tradition for Christmas is tying up their mother two weeks before December 25th and their dad one week before December 25th. In Iceland there tradition is 13 Santa’s that come down from the mountain to give gifts.

What Is An Elf On A Shelf?
 Josh Jensen Cody Jorja 

It is a toy, movie and book. It costs $29.95 Canadian. An elf on the shelf is a thing that every night goes to Santa and tells how the kid is behaving. The elf on the shelf is a tradition made by kids in 2005.The book was made in 2005.The author is Carol Aebersold and Chanda Aebersold. They created the book over a cup of tea. It is sold in a lot of stores in Canada. You can get the book at indigo. It is most popular in Ontario. You can buy extra clothes. It is made out of plastic. When you get it comes with the book. An elf on the shelf it basically play hide and seek. Parents are allowed to tell the elf what they want. It tells Santa everything. It is popular every year.

What Is the Deal with Reindeer at Christmas?
Peyton, Ben, Harper, and Matthew H

Reindeer are also called caribou. No one knows why reindeer is wrapped in with Christmas. The reindeer need to make Santa’s sleigh fly. Reindeer is sort of like snowdeer and it snows in winter and Christmas is in winter. Santa picked an animal that lived in the North Pole that is gentle. Santa has a magical whip that he hits an animal with and it can fly. Santa picked reindeer because they are nice and they are active and energetic. Some people think Santa’s reindeer are fake. But no one knows if Santa’s reindeer are real. Donner and Blitzen were oregonaly called Dunder and Blixem.

What Is The Difference Between Hanukkah And Christmas? 
By Grace and Anya

Some celebrate Christmas and some don’t, for the people who don’t there is a bunch of different holidays. There is kwanza, there is Christmas and there is also Hanukkah. Hanukkah is for some cultures and kwanza is for others. Hanukkah and Christmas are similar and different.  Here are some similarities: They both come in winter time and they both relate to the roman empire. Here are some differences: There is a Hanukkah bush and there is a Christmas tree.

When Did Christmas Start?
Tye, Matt P, Braydon 

Roman pagans first introduced the holiday Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.  Each Roman community selected a victim whom they forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures throughout the week. 

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