Friday, July 29, 2016

Are you ready to unzombify?

Testing has been the mantra of school boards for a few years now. Raise those test scores they say. Everyone has to be a B student.

While at the same time they are also saying be experimental. Use research based learning. Teach the kids to apply the skills they have been taught. They are sending mixed messages.

Teaching to the test has become the way of life in schools. No longer are teachers given the opportunity to expand children’s horizons by letting them think for themselves. Instead students are being directed how to pass a test. The thing is, in life their is no big test. Students must learn to apply their thinking to solving problems through social interaction. They need to learn to rely on their judgement, survive their mistakes and move forward with stronger and better ideas. In school failure is not acceptable. In life, it makes us stronger.

Through using SOLE , at, students research their own ideas, develop their thought processes and follow their instincts all the while applying all the knowledge they gain in school.

Are you ready to unzombify?   

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