Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Welcome to unzombify.com, the latest in SOLE.

Welcome to unzombify.com. As a recently retired teacher with over 30 years teaching experience I fell in love with SOLE when reading about it. What amazed me the most was the enjoyment, learning, and camaraderie that developed because the students were working together on assignments. As an academically weaker student said, "I love SOLE because now I feel like an equal with the smarter kids." SOLE is the great equalizer

I have used SOLE to teach most subjects, using the big questions posed in the curriculum to delve deeper into topics. I mixed this with true SOLE, as found in Sugata Mitra’s Handbook, where students researched their own topics of interest.

Now that I have retired from public education I wish to continue to build upon SOLE experiences by giving students anywhere in the world an opportunity to work together to research topics of their interest. Please join me to help build my SOLE organization

Please visit the website and then take one of our surveys to help us make the SOLE experience a rich one for everyone.

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