Saturday, May 11, 2013

More SOLE thoughts from Coronation Public School

My students were asked for an appraisal of SOLE. The following are their thoughts. In between there is a question and answer that were presented.
What I Like About Researching
My opinion is that I love this way of learning because you get to see what other people’s opinions are. My questions are based on every single thing that I sit down in bed and think about. Everything like how did the first person on earth learn if he is the only person on earth? Or how was earth created? Why do we live if were just goanna die?  Basically, every single thing I think about is going to be one of my questions one day.  A few days after, I will find out the answer to my question. One of the cool things about my life is that I get to get to know a question’s answer every single school day. But it’s also good for my class because they were sometimes loud but when we started to do this way of learning everyone stops being loud and just goes really quiet and it just feels like everyone is on the same page. It just feels nice to see your class actually likes to learn about something. And you know that expression that you learn something new every day? Well it comes true when we start to do SOLE but it’s not just one new thing that we learn.  It’s like finding out there is a whole other world that excites us. It is just great!  I think it’s really awesome, great, fun, crazy, amazing new way to learn. 
The question:
Why do we live if we are just going to die?
The answer:
There is a point to living. If we don’t live then nothing would be discovered. We wouldn’t do great things. We wouldn’t know what to do. We wouldn’t have any rights. As horrible as it is to think you are going to die we have to so that more people can discover, learn and create great things.
Madison, Sophia, Andrew
God gave us a life because he thought we had a purpose to live. He thought that we could learn life’s lessons and so we do.
What I Like About Researching
I like the research that we do every morning, in our classroom. People have great questions. I am very interested in political and mature subjects and I don’t have the time after school or on weekends to research them. Now that we have the time at school I am very happy.
It helps us to learn better instead of the teacher giving us pieces of paper on one topic that he chose  and having us write about it. Now we get a sticky note and get to write our own questions we want to learn about.
I don’t think there are any bad things about what we do every morning. It gets our brain working and it also gets us to be more creative.

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