Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some research on Castles

Motte and Bailey
The motte and bailey was the first castle made completely from scratch by the Normans
. It was completely made of wood, stone, and cow manure. The bailey and the motte were separated and were both surrounded by ditches. Some ditches were full of water, dirt, and some are just a ditch. It was made from 1066-1087. They were separated by wood bridges. A motte is a mound of dirt and a bailey is a courtyard surrounded by wall or fence. The soil removed from the ditches was used to build up the motte.

Concentric Castle

It was developed in the 12th and 13th century’s. It’s a castle within a castle. This castle offered the best protection against the attack. This castle is one of the only castles that offered fresh water supply. This castle included a drawbridge, murder holes, gate house, a moat, death traps, arrow slits, and lots of weapons. The space between the two walls were the death holes. They used mud/cow manure to stick the stones together like cement
-Dora, Alisha, Abi

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  1. Great work girls. Who lived in the motte and bailey castle? Who lived in the concentric castles? Where in the castle did the royal family live? Where did they go to the washroom? I am looking forward to reading more.