Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today we researched with Mrs. Dickson's Grade 3/4 class. It was fun!

Who invented money?
Cody, Aidan, Keeshan,Taylor

The first coins were made about 500 BC. The first paper money was in China about 960 AD.

What does ICU stand for?
Skye, Brady, Abi, Caitlynn, Emma-Leigh, Emily

ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. Patients are placed in these places in hospitals, because they need a higher level of care. Patients in the ICU are typically hooked up to a bedside monitor that allows the hospital to closely monitor the patients. People in the ICU are critically ill and injured. That means they need a lot of extra attention. The ICU is also known as the critical care unit or intensive therapy unit in some hospitals. Some patients are in ICU for a longer time than  others depending on the extent of their illness or injuries. ICU can also be found in emergency rooms. To make sure the patients in ICU are receiving proper care nurses are assigned to the patients.

How do you know if you are in love?
Breanna, Sophia, Kaiya, Maddie

You get a weird feeling in your stomach and you can;t stop thinking about them is a sign you could be in love. If you smile when you think about them and don;t want to tell anyone you might be in love.When you look at their pictures and smile and you miss them you could be in love. When you read their texts over and over again  you could be in love. When you are with him or her and walk really slow you could be in love. If you feel shy around them or your heart beats faster or you smile when you hear their voice you could be in love. When all you think about is them and you would do anything for them and everything to see them you could be in love. If you write their name everywhere, You could be in love. It is a hard question to answer because it is a feeling but you know when you have it because you get major roller coaster syndrome. Yes, you could be in love.

Why does the moon appear to change it's shape?
Dora, Denyce, Alisha, Caoimhe, Aaliyah

The moon appears to change it's shape when it enters a new phase. The phase changes every 29.5 days and there are 8 phases a moon enters during it's cycle. The phases relate directly to where the moon is located as it revolves around the Earth. More accurately the moon reflects back the suns light to the Earth and so it changes shapes along with it's position relative to the Sun and Earth.  The moon never really changes it's shape. As the moon circles the earth parts of it get darker so it looks like it changes shape. When the moon is between the Earth and the Sun it is called a new moon.

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