Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Homelessness Part 2

Olivia, Rheya, Jaycee, Jaylah

·       People who have no homes, maybe they don’t have money to pay for a home and they can’t pay bills.

·       They don’t have a lot of money
·       Spend money on things they don’t need
·       Sometimes drugs
·       They have a mouth(s) to feed (spending to much money, and not a lot of money for  food)

·       Cold weather
·       Not a lot of food
·       can’t pay for college so they can’t get jobs
·       need money to spend on medication, clothes and food

·       food banks
·       money donations
·       clothes donations
·       welfare

·       Soup kitchen
·       Salvation army

Abigail, Andrew, Mia, Aiden

It’s hard to imagine how someone can go from having a home one day to being out on the street the next. None of us have had an experience with that kind of thing. The definition of homelessness is a person without a home or someone living on the street.

A person without a home or someone living on a street
Causes of homelessness
-          Complex and multiple
-          No one chooses to be homeless
-          It can happen to anyone
-          Parents could lose their job then don’t have enough  money to pay rent or tax
-          Being homeless is not easy
-          Poverty
Problems with homeless people
      -all over the world thousands of people living on streets

What is homelessness?
-a man on the street begging for money or a woman on the side of the rode holding up a piece ofd cardboard saying “homeless will work for food” a family sleeping in their car on or a tiny tent underneath a bridge all these images represent homelessness.
- over half of the people that are homeless have mental health issues 
Only 20 percent of homeless people are in the age of 16-24 years.

-          Shelter houses provide short term relief to those in need of shelter , food, clothing, and much more
How do the homeless people survive winter
-they sleep in doorways to buildings
- Public washrooms
- Coffee shops
-  basically anywhere they can find shelter and stay so what warm for the night

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