Friday, February 7, 2014

What is the biggest threat to our oceans?

By Dora, Cameron and Hunter
We have many reasons for threats to our oceans. They are climate change, overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and oil spills into oceans.
Climate change would have to be the biggest threat to our oceans. The climate change increases the surface top and sea level rise with Carbon Dioxide. There are death zones in the sea where the sea animals don’t go because there is no food and there is a lot of carbon dioxide. That makes it unsafe for them to go, because they could die.
The overfishing is also a problem, because there are now less fish in the sea, which means some animals don’t have food. But we still need to fish a bit because than we won’t have fish to eat. That disrupts our ecosystem, which is taking the food away.
 Pollution is also a big problem because people are dropping their water bottles, wrappers and there garbage into the ocean. It could give very bad harm to the sea animals, from sharp edges and less space to live. That causes habitat loss. Habitat loss is very bad because now the sea animals don’t have anywhere to go.
Then the sea gets polluted with bad oxygen because of oil spills into the ocean.
Our solution is to stop littering which causes lots of problems to go away. It makes pollution go away because now we’re not littering. This is giving them space for their habitat, which is solving habitat loss. Hopefully it can also solve oil spills.  Unfortunately, we don’t think we can solve climate change. Climate change is natural, so we can’t really solve it. 

How can two people from the same family be so different?
By Abi, Mia, Zach and Andrew

We’re all different in our personalities. One of life’s challenges is learning to get along with people who are different from us. But have you ever thought how dull life would be if everybody was exactly alike. Even though you were born with the same genes and you were raised the same way your personalities can be very different.  Half of the genetics are from the egg and half of the genetics is from the man and the sperm.
When two people from different families get married they usually look different because they were not related before so it’s sometimes the same as the kids or it can also be mixed from both mom and dad.
If a woman has blue eyes then has a kid with a man with brown eyes the kid will probably have brown eyes however if they have another kid they could have blue eyes.

How do we get “Goosebumps”
Olivia, Aidan, Rheya, Jaycee

Goose bumps have many names like, goose flesh is a name that has been around since 1810, goose pimples, is another name, and the scientific term for goose bumps, is cutis Anserina.
The body hair on humans stands up when cold or scared and creates a thin layer of hair and when the hair stands up, the skin that’s attached is lifted to create goose bumps.
Goose bumps are only temporary and are NOT a reaction to something you are allergic to.
Spooked millions of years ago, being puffed up kept our ancestors warm and made them look bigger, which turned out to be a good way to frighten predators. 

What Makes Tape Sticky
By Stewart, Katelynne, Denyce

 The reason tape is so sticky is that the sticky side of it has a product called “adhesive.”
It turns out that with a powerful microscope you can see tiny little lines with adhesive.
Adhesive is able to stick fast to a surface or object and adhesive is also sticky because it has soda (chemical), and caramel (topping) that makes it sticky.
Tape is also sticky because there are tiny air bubbles that hold the chemicals and it also has some sticky fur on the bottom of it.
Adhesive is kind of like glue but adhesive is already in its sticky state when you pull it from the roll of tape.
There are many layers in adhesive tape. These are the release coating, the primer, and the adhesive layer.


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