Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Definition: The definition of Homelessness is having no home and living in the street, or in the forests.
      Causes: Running away some causes for homelessness women are physical or mental health problems, escaping a violent/very bad relationship, escaping a place or running away from home. The causes for men are escaping from prism, health care, a hospital or any other place, leaving a relationship, running away, and mental or physical health issues. For children, they either have to go with their parents because they are poor, or they can also run away from home. Some causes for everyone is they can be truly poor, or get so stressed that they do drugs and run away also.
     Problems with: A large problem in the USA, Downtown Toronto and many other places are from the cold and the heat. When there to cold, and they live in the streets, they sometimes don’t have coats or blankets. They could go into a sheltered bus or shelter, but they would have to leave in the morning. Another problem is running away from home. Some are adopted but don’t like their parents, which is another reason of running away from home. They also might have a disability with their brain. Some problems when you are homeless are having no food, a good home, and a place to sleep. Some bad people could go and stalk people, to kill or kidnap, or even follow where they go to. Some people even have to live in a box. They sometimes have to because it gets so cold outside. Some also have to live on a curb, in doorways of shops, and even bushes. Their clothes get ripped, and dirty, and don’t have any other clothes to live in. Some people have to go into different shelters, but kick them out in the morning because they think there lazy, sick, and think there bad people. Lots of people treat homelessness people with disrespect. But it’s not like they signed up to be homeless. They don’t have a brush, a toothbrush or toothpaste. They also can’t bathe so often.
    Solution: Our opinion is there are shelters that only let them stay for 1 day. The people, who run the shelter, should teach them so they can get a job, and let them stay in the shelter until they have enough money to buy a house, for food, and furniture. So they can retire when they are old enough, and then have a good life. 
     The internet’s solution: All homelessness people have a lack of housing. But we can decrease the number of homelessness people. What they need is a job, house, food and things to survive. You can volunteer to help them at a shelter, so they can get enough money, help the homelessness people!

-Alisha, Dora, Aaliyah  

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