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May 22

Is time travel possible?
By Abi, Alisha, Mia and Andrew

No one has built a time machine yet that works. Mostly time travel is in movies or books. Time travel is being studied by science fiction writers, philosophers and physicists. There is two types of time travel one is to the past and one is two the future.  You can’t really time travel back to the past or to the future but you can time travel in your mind so like a memory. A human may survive 80 years. The stones at Stonehenge where there for thousands of years and the solar system will last for a billion years. Everything lasts for a certain amount of time. Traveling in time means traveling through this 4th dimension.  A worm whole is a theoretical tunnel or short cut it links to places together. Wormholes are all around us but they are too small to see. Wormholes are tiny crevices. They are found in wrinkles and voids in a place called the quantum foam. They are tiny tunnels or short cuts through space and time that constantly form and disappear and reform within this quantum’s world. They actually link two separate places and two different times. Photons can travel through worm holes. A photon is an elementary particle. The tunnels are unfortunately too small for people to go through. 

Why do cats sleep so much?
By; Jaycee, Aiden, Olivia, Rheya

If you have a cat you would know, that Cats are most active at night, and when they sleep, they either go into a light slumber or a deep sleep. The average cat sleeps almost twice as much as a human; their average sleep is about 13-16 hours a day. When a cat is sleeping, you will usually see cats twitch their paws and whiskers and move as if they are having nightmare. Cats wake up around 5 in the morning because the sun bothers them. If you don’t want to get woken up by your pet early in the morning, try to cover your window, and block the sun from getting in. Since house cats have the same instincts as wild cats, they naturally have no main predator. This gives them the opportunity to sleep to save their energy for hunt during the night. Cats may also wake up to check if everything in their territory is alright. They also sleep in a position so they can get up in a moment’s notice.

Why do we get cramps when we go swimming and eat?
By Katelynne and Jaylah

Swimming, while having a full stomach, is a safety issue. When you are swimming, all of the blood flows to your muscles, and then the blood you need to digest is elsewhere. The rule of waiting is a myth, but you still need to digest first. When you swim, the food bounces around and also causes cramps. Instead of the blood flow going to the stomach it’s going to the muscles so you can swim. What if an organ needs blood it flows to your muscles instead. Cramps are pains in your stomach. When you are distracted by pain it’s harder to swim.

Why are dogs so protective?
By: Dora, Cameron C, Hunter

Dogs are known to be a Man’s best friend. Dogs consider you family if you consider them family. If dogs come from an abusive background they are known to be very protective. If you treat a dog well they’ll treat you as well as you treat them. A dog has to grow up with you to be used to being around you. Owners tell them it’s good when they are being protective around their owner(s). Don’t like people who are threats to them or the Owner(s). The protectiveness comes from the dogs wolf ancestors, A well treated dog will eventually come to the aid of its Owner(s). Dogs will think that you are in need of protection if the owner makes it too aggressive or protective. It is possible for the Owner(s) to encourage behaviour well protective behaviour. Dogs are extremely clever/smart and aware if the Owner(s) takes a certain amount of care of them. Dogs are very protective of their Owner(s) because of their loyalty.

Why is chocolate poison to dogs?
Stewart, Adrian, Keeshan and Cody

Chocolate is basically poison to animals especially dog’s. Milk and white chocolate are less risky than dark chocolate.  Chocolate contains Theobromine.  Theobromine is from the cocoa plant with chemical formula. It takes about five days to your dog to get sick or die from eating too much chocolate.
-         vomiting
-         diarrhea
-         increase urination
-         dehydration
-         internal bleeding
-         heart attack
-         seizures
-         coma

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