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May 27 SOLE

What’s the difference between a tortoise and a turtle?
by Dora, Alisha, Abi and Jaycee

Tortoises and turtles are both reptiles. A tortoise is reptile from Chelonian family and lives well on land and a turtle is reptile from Chelonian family and live well in water. Tortoises are found mostly in Asia and Africa but some exist in North America, Turtles found mostly Africa and America. Tortoises have large dome shaped shell with bumps on top in some species. Turtles have mostly flat shells but Tortoises shells are heavier. Turtles are light weighted. Tortoise’s feet are short and sturdy with bent legs and Turtles have webbed feet with long claws. Tortoises are mostly herbivores but some prefer live food. Turtles eat fruits, veggies, leafy vegetation and meat. They are omnivores. Tortoises hatchlings move from their nest to the mothers burrow soon after birth. Turtle hatchings stay in their nest on their own for 90-120 days. Their kingdoms are both Animalia.  A normal lifespan for Tortoises is 80-150 years. Longest living is 326 years. A turtle lifespan is 20-40 year oldest is 86 years. Turtle’s front feet have webbed toes. Turtles have a flatter back. Turtles live most of their lives in or near water.  Turtle’s  make or lays eggs in sand.  Some turtles sun themselves on logs, rocks or sandy banks. During cold weather they often go into the mud and go into a state called torpor. Torpor is like hibernation. Tortoises only go under water to bathe themselves or to drink. If they go in deep water they can drown. Tortoise’s feet are hard, scaly and nubby so it crawls against sharp rocks and sand.  Often use their paws to dig burrows.  Tortoise’s shells form, like a dome, and allows protection. They eat grass, flowers, weeds, shrubs, cacti, and plants with lots of moisture. Sometimes they eat fruit and leafy green or insects, worms.  Tortoises are a type of turtle but not all turtles are tortoises, they occupy their own taxonomic family called testudinidae, they are also slow that they can’t migrate to warm habitats as sea turtles. When they live in cold winter they dig a burrow which escapes the cold, they live on land because they do not have flippers to swim. They also live in arid areas turtles only come on land to plant eggs. Turtles live in fresh water like the ocean brackish ponds and marchlands, turtles can lay eggs on shore or in the water.  Some people have tortoises as pets, turtles have 2 shells, the upper shell is called carapace, and the lower shell is called plastron. Some turtles may have their head in the shell for the whole day, when they are scared they hide in their shell, turtles have existed for 215 million years. They are cold blooded, they largest turtle is the leather back sea turtle. The biggest they weigh 2000 pounds. Most turtles lay their eggs in the sand and leave them to hatch on their own. Sea turtles have special glands which remove the salt form the water they drink. Most turtle species are endangered. A tortoise is much bigger than a turtle. Turtle live in every continent except for Antarctica. A group of turtle’s is called a Bale. Turtle and Tortoise shells protect them. Turtles eat grasses, flowers, weeds, shrubs, cacti, and plants with lots of moisture. Tortoises eat insects, worms, and sometimes they eat fruit and leafy greens.
Turtles have 2 shells. The upper shell is called the carapace and the lower shell is called the plastron. The shell allows for their protection.  A turtles shell is referred to as a dust jacket. Many turtle species have their heads in their shell. When they are scared they will hide in their shell. Turtles have existed for 215 million years. They are cold blooded which means they depend on air and water temperature to warm and cool them. The largest turtle is the lever back sea turtle. It can weigh 2000 pounds. Some turtles lay their eggs in sand and leave them to hatch on their own. Sea turtles have special glans, which help remove salt from the water they drink. Many turtle species are in danger.  A group of turtles is called a bale. Turtles are the symbols of patience and wisdom. Turtles are the most ancient of all the reptiles. They first appeared on earth 200 million years ago and haven’t changed much since that time. Turtles can live without food for more than a year.  Some aquatic turtles can absorb oxygen from the skin on their neck allowing them to be under water for extended periods of time. The green sea turtle can stay underwater for over 5 hours without going up for air. Baby turtles are called sparkiesin .
Why are people so cruel?
By Caoimhe, Olivia, Jaylah, and Rheya
Not everyone is cruel. Some got treated badly as youth and take it out on another person. Going through life changes are cruel because the person gets upset about something. There are also people with sicknesses that can be mental issues, any disease, Schadenfreud and Mental cruelty. Depression causes cruelty too. Disease is a sickness that causes a dis ease. When something bad happens to someone they feel good. Cruel Men sometimes kill their wives or neighbours. Even loving fathers can kill other people’s children. When people are cruel it is usually in certain problems. Men can kill wives because they don’t want to pay divorce fees. The more we hate someone the more we love them to suffer. People who are cruel look at people’s accomplishments and think bad about them. A girl said that there would not be so much suffering if we would just befriending people. If people would not tear other people down then the world would be a better place. Science has been researching this question and the answer is envy. Most people are cruel because their angry at things.

Why do frogs have 4 eyelids?
By: Caden, Keeshan, Hunty! And Denyce
Frogs have 4 eyelids to see under water. A clever second pair of eyelids is under the first and they are clear. They also use it to protect them self. Some have 4 eyelids and some have 3. Some frogs don’t have 4 eyelids. Their eyelids are like goggles. It depends on the type of frog. Bullfrogs have 4 eyelids. Dotted back toads have 4 eyelids. Frogs can see through their eyelids. Frogs have webbed feet. Frogs can jump really high cause of their huge legs. They lay their eggs in water. Their eggs are like a circle. Their lungs are the size of 2 of their brains. They eat flies. Their skin is naturally cooled. They don’t have ears. They are sensitive. Bull frogs live in swamps. Bull frogs have a circle on their neck that’s how you tell if it’s a bull frog or not. When frogs walk it looks like their climbing up a wall.

How people develop disorders?
by Andrew, Zach, Kaydn, and Cameron
Some of the disorders are:
·         Autism
·         Behavior disorders
·         Clotting disorder
·         Delusional disorder
·         Eating disorder
·         Fluency disorder
·         Hearing disorder
·         Immune disorder
·         Learning disorder
·         Mood disorder
·         Nervi’s system disorder
·         Ocd obsessive compulsive disorder
·         Personality disorder
·         Repetitive motion disorder
·         Sexual dysfunction
·         Vein disorder
·         x chromosome disorder
·         y chromosome disorder
·         and many more

Autism is a disorder that has a complex development and you get it around 3 years old. It affects your brain functions, and effects development of communication and learning skills. People with the disorder have issues with the nonverbal communication.
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). The disorder causes the person to have 2 or more different personalities within them. Each and every personality has its own name and age. The disorder is one of the rarest disorders you could get. You could get DID if you had an abusive childhood. You get the disorder when you’re older. When a personality is taking control, the main person basically would see inside the head with all the other personalities. A personality could be angry and the other could be peaceful and happy. From time to time, you could get a personality that’s hates you and wants to physically harm you.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a disorder that the person just wants everything to be in the right place so basically the person wants everything perfect.  

What Is Acid Rain?
Aidan, Cameron and Adrian
Acid rain is a term referring to a mixture that is wet and falls from the clouds. It contains more than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. It is a result of air pollution. The acid can take the form of snow, mist and dry dust. The rain sometimes falls many miles from the source of pollution. Wherever it falls it can have major effect on soil, trees, buildings and water. The acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic. It can also fall from the sky in the absence of precipitation.
American Sign Language
Mia, Cody, Katelynne, Stewart

About 1 million people in the United States communicate VIA American Sign Language.  Out of 28 million Americans, 1000 are born without hearing.  American Sign Language is a visual language.  Each country has its own version of sign language depending on what they speak.  Deaf people have different degrees of hearing loss.  All the hands and fingers are important to give information.  Sign language has been around for as long the reason for its existence.  American Sign Language is a language with its own unique grammar and syntax.  Today ASL is the fourth most spoken language in the US.  ASL is starting to be referred as a foreign language. 

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