Thursday, May 8, 2014

SOLE May 2

By Mia, Alisha, Dora, Abi
   Autism is a medical condition, present early childhood. It is characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. 1 in 68 kids has autism. 1 in 42 boys gets autism and 1 in 189 girls. It is more likely for boys to get autism. Autism presents itself in the first 3 years of someone’s life. You get autism when you are born though. It affects over 2 million people in Canada and 10s of millions of people global. It is a very confusing disorder. It is a disorder of neural development. Autism affects information processing from the brain characterized by impaired social interaction, by verbal and nonverbal communication and restricted repetitive behaviour. It is not a mental illness. Autism affects information processing in the brain. It is a lifelong disability. Some have said that some autism has recovered. But the children might have learned way more and above average. It is presented a birth and you are born with it. People call it autism but it is ASD and that stands for Autism Spectrum Disorders. People with autism have trouble learning the meaning of words over and over again. They move their arms and body in a certain way. They have trouble adjusting the changes. Most parents wonder whether it’s something they did or something they didn’t do, they have so issues like not wanting to try new foods or not wanting anyone to move their toys, the earlier a child starts getting help the better but figure out if a kid has autism spectrum disorder can be difficult at the beginning. They might not interact as well, they also might have trouble understanding others feelings or their own, they don’t talk to people in the eye, when someone asks a question they will repeat instead of answering. Having conversations might feel one way trip, people with autism might not understand gestures, don’t like being cuddled, hugged, or touched. They always talk about something they like, sometimes don’t talk at all, develops differently, and people with ASD might repeat things over and over and over again. Some people with autism have tics, tics are uncomfortable movement, and some tics can be complicated and go for a long time. You have tics when you get nervous for the people with tics. When you have autism they don’t go well with changes, like if you changed their room they will get angry or sad. They might be good with solving puzzles, or computer games, but might be hard for them to doing things that we think are easy like talking or making new friends. They cry, becoming angry, giggling, or laughing for no reason or at the wrong time. People with autism have obsessions. They do not like loud voices because they get worried and say sorry many times. They might have large delays in language. They might have learned some skills but forget it. They get unfocused a lot. Autism is not treatable. We don’t know if autism is now more common than the United States. It is hard to play games and understand the rules. As they got older their not sure what clothes are cool and which or how to play sports. 40% of kids with autism have the average amount of intelligence or above average. 60% is either mild or severe. Doctors don’t know how autism is given at birth. Scientists and researchers believe that is comes from their genes. April is autism month. Some people with ASD have special gifts and talents. Some people have different means for autism. Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious. That spells out autism. A treatment program might include: Behavioral therapy (using rewards to help kids learn all kinds of skills,) Educational interventions (school based help with academic subjects,) Speech therapy (to help kids talk and understand words,) Occupational therapy (to helps kids with things like balance, coordination and handwriting,) Social skills therapy (to help kids learn how to play and talk with other,) Medication (for problems with things like attention, hyperactivity and sleep,) autism ribbon is like puzzle pieces and the colours are red, blue, and red. Many other types of therapy (including diet, music and art therapies) can help people with ASD Teens with autism who doesn’t attend regular classes in middle school and high school can also benefit from going to special education classes or spate schools for students with disabilities. Therapy can help kids with autism learn language and life skills and ways to develop socially and behaviorally so they can enjoy their lives like other kids the brains of kids under 5 years old often adapt more easily that’s why it’s best to start treatment for autism as early as possible, imagine trying to understand what your teacher is saying to you if you didn’t know what his words really mean. It is even more frustrating if a kid can’t come up with the right words to express his or her thoughts or tell a parent what he or she needs or wants. Sometimes this can make a kid very upset and frustrated.
Caoimhe, Denyce, Caden and Kaydn
Jealousy is an emotion everyone feels at one point in our life. It’s a complex emotion and some people don’t know how to deal with it and some people deal with it very well. It doesn’t just affect one gender or the other it can a affect male or female since being human it’s very normal and common. When you fell jealous you feel over powered, you feel dominated and you don’t like that so you fight back bringing the worst of us out. You can feel jealousy with anyone it mostly occurs with siblings you sibling does something better

By Katie, Keeshan and Adrian
The Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, UK, England.   It one of the most famous sites in the world, construction started in 2600 BC and open in 2000 BC.  The stone that it is made out of are bluestone, sarsen, welsh sandstone. It was constructed in three stages. The Stonehenge is not the only ancient site in the area. The Stonehenge is where people’s ashes got buried. The earth work 1.7 miles long, the earlier structures known are four or five pits the three pits are like totem poles.                                                                         
Andrew Zach Aidan and Cameron
People are claiming special enlightenment or knowledge. People are thinking that there are secret meetings under the Whitehouse. The illuminati are people. The symbol for the illuminati is a pyramid with an eye in the center of it. The illuminati have several groups of different people. Illuminati is actually plural word. It is plural for illuminatus Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the illuminati. It was founded on May 1 st, 1779. The illuminati plan very bad things. The illuminati was an 18 th century secret society. It is also known as The Bavarian Illuminati. They gained 2,000 members from Europe. Illuminati means enlightened. 

All about Easter Island

By Cameron B, Stewart, Cody and Hunter
Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.   It is one of the nearest inhabited lands.   But the one mystery is “How did the statues get there.”   Many people believe that the statues might have walked or the tribes on the island moved them there.

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