Thursday, December 4, 2014

SOLE December 4

Can a forest grow underwater?
By: Josh Emily Anya Grace

There are special types of forests underwater. There are many different types of underwater forests such as the kelp forest, coral forest, fern forest and sewed forests`. There are not the types of the forests we have above ground. Otters live in kelp forests. There is a rock like substance at the bottom called a hold fast. Kelp is a type of algae. There are three types of algae red algae green algae and brown algae. The coral forest is very different from other habitats. the kelp forest is a forest. There is also sewed forests. giant kelp is a brown algae. giant kelp is is the tallest of all the under water plants. Giant kelp does not grow from seedsgiant kelp grows from cells called spores. No trees can be under water.

Do Camels Really Go Without Water
Mason, Cody, Alison, Marlene

Camels can only last 6 to 7 months without water; humans can only live 4 to 5 days without water. People say camels can live longer without water because they store water in there humps but that’s not true. Camels take bigger drinks of water so they don’t have to drink as much. Camels also take bigger drinks because they can’t store water in their humps. Their humps are stored with fat so they don’t freeze when the winter comes. In ten minutes a camel can drink up to 115 litres of water. Males and females both drink the same amount of water; they drink around 100 to 115 litres of water. The average camel can drink up to 1,000 litres of water or more in a single day. Baby camels can drink around 300 to 400 litres a day. The camel’s favourite place to get water from is from water holes from the ground. In a year camels drink about 365,000 litres both female and male. Baby camels can drink around 127,750 litres in a year.
Questions for you:
What is stored in the camels hump?
Around how much water can an adult camel drink in a day?
What is a camel’s favourite place to drink?

Wake Skating
By Braydon, Moody, Jumah and Tyson

Wake skating is a water is  it is like skateboarding on water. Wake skating is going behind the boat riding the wave. Wake skating started in Australia. People not only go from side to side like regular wakeboarding but they also use  pipes and ramps to do their tricks. They use the wake to help them get their height. The board is made from wood or fiberglass. The board has a pointed nose, round tail, and is surf board like in its appearance.  It is for entertainment.

If we are made up of water why can’t we float?
By Jenson, Ben, Anastasia and Jorja

We can float because the fat in our body is more dense than water. When we don’t try to swim ours bones are a thing that stops us. We can float if we try. Water doesn’t float it just adds more water. We float from the gravity that pulls us down .

What is The Best Way to Heat a House
By: Harper, James, Kiera, Matthew P.

The 6 ways to heat a house is a furnace, portable heater, and natural gas, heating oil, propane, and the main way is a fireplace. portable heaters must be installed properly to avoid fire and burn hazards. Furnaces is the best way to heat a house but be careful cause they are 75% HOT estimated, furnaces is also the best way to heat up a house cause of its heat. Natural gas is also REALLY hot, are estimated temperature for it is 65% hot. But it should heat a house up in no time! Heating oil is estimated 60% hot, propane is what were not sure of but it is expensive we think. And fireplaces are 50% hot but touching it is 1000% hot and it’s also the main way to keep yourself and the house warm.

Why Can’t We Jump Higher
Emma, Heaven and Tye

Some people can jump really high but it is just because they train and exercise to jump really high.
Most people can’t jump high because of gravity, When we try to jump gravity pulls us down.         
Gravity is a force pulling together all matter.( anything that you can touch) You can jump higher on the moon than on earth.

Why Does The Moon Look So Big At Times And So Big At Other Times? 
Mathew, Peyton, Kelly, Lindsay

It depends on what angle you are looking at the moon. Sometimes the moon comes closer to earth so it is closer. The moon is always big. Your eyes can focus on the moon and if they focus on the moon it will look closer. It can depend on how much light there is outside. The atmosphere can make a difference on how close and how far the moon looks. It is an optical illusion.

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