Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why do Some People Not Celebrate Christmas and Others Do?

Some people don’t celebrate Christmas because of religion. Christmas started years ago when baby Jesus was born. Christmas and Easter are related because that’s the day Jesus sacrificed himself. Some people do celebrate Christmas because they believe in god and the joy of giving. Some people who don’t celebrate Christmas celebrate Hanukkah or other holidays related to their religion. There are millions of people who don’t celebrate Christmas. Some people are atheists. Each person believes something different. Some people believe Santa is real and some don’t. It is okay to believe differently because nobody knows exactly what is true.

Does Santa Live At The North Pole
By: Grace, Anya, Moody, Ben

Some people believe in Santa and some people don’t. The people who do believe think he lives in the North Pole. Santa is the mascot of Coca Cola. Some people think Santa wears red because of Coca Cola. Santa lives in the North Pole not the South Pole. He lives in the North Pole because it is closer to the people who created Santa. That’s why he lives in the North Pole instead of the South Pole, Santa has other names
The names are Father
 Santa Claus
Kris Kringle

Why Is Christmas Called Christmas
by Jenson, Heaven, James and Jumah

The word Christmas gets its name from 2 words, Christ and mass which was a special church that celebrated the birth of Jesus in the mid fourth century.

Why Are Some Christmas Trees Fake?
Mason, Braydon, Josh, and Matt H

Some Christmas trees are fake because some people are allergic to the Christmas trees. People also like fake Christmas trees because they are too lazy to get up and cut one down. Christmas trees are fake because real ones are too much work to care for. Christmas trees are better when they are fake because real pine trees cost too much money (real Christmas trees are around $25 to $100). People buy fake Christmas trees because real ones would drop too many pines needles off of the real tree.

Why do we buy christmas presents?
 Emily, peyton and alison                                                                                                                                                                                                              
We buy presents for people for Christmas because it is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the wise men.
Different countries and different families that celebrate Christmas have their own reason for given and receiving presents.
In Spain it is believed instead of Santa Claus delivering their presents it is an old lady named Befana.
We celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born December 25th Year 0 and on that day the three wise men gave gifts to Jesus and that was a special day so Jesus birthday became Christmas also.
It is said Jesus was born on the 25th but no one knows the actual date.
  Fun facts
 In Europe the presents are not left under the boring old tree. They are left in shoes or boots.
The three wise men gifts include, Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh.

Why Do Our Presents Go Under Our Trees
Tye Matt.P Jorja
Our presents go under the trees because if kids are good they deserve a good Christmas.  The people put presents under the tree because they love their kids. They put presents there because it looks nice.

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