Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another SOLE

Why Are Children Forced To Fight In War?
Emily, Alison, Marlene and Keely

Children in war are called child soldiers. It is estimated 250,000 children are fighting in wars all over the world. It is thought 40% of children fighting in wars are girls. Child soldiers are active in at least 14 countries including India, Thailand, Colombia and more. Young girls are forced to marry soldiers. Many children are stolen from their families and forced to fight. Sometimes children have to kill their relatives so they can never return home. Africa has the most child soldiers. Kids can go into war as early as 6 years old. They are forced because bad people make them fight in wars so the other people don’t have to. Kids are forced to fight in wars because adults use the children as human shields so they don’t get hurt. Often kids are taken from their homes in the night when they are sleeping so they don’t know where they are going. They fight because adults are too afraid to so they get taken. Some kids volunteer to fight so their families are safe.

Where does water come from?

Grace, Heaven

Water builds up in the clouds causing precipitation which causes rain. Rain falls into the land and the extra rain that does not absorb into the soil or into the plants flows into the nearest rivers and oceans. The heat from the sun makes the plants transpire and the waterways evaporate again and fills the clouds with condensation again which that cycle keeps going on. Mostly everyone uses our like us and the animals and plants. Plants are important in the process of the water cycle. In BC people use up to 490 litres but here in Canada we use 330 litres of water a day. This water includes the water we drink, bathe in, wash our clothes in and our dishes and also for cooking. During the summer a mature pine tree consumes 20 litres of water a day . When people drink water, people are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The water we use in our home usually a ground water source such as wells, or a surface water source which is like lakes, oceans, rivers and more Some water is clean water and some is dirty. We are very lucky to have clean water unfortunately some places don’t for instance Africa has dirty water. In Africa they have to travel to get water and we just have to turn on a tap. Water falls from the sky that is called rain, rain happens when the water from oceans and goes up to the cloud it is called evaporation. We need to pay for water and it is expensive. In Africa they can get killed by water monsters such as alligators and others. The worst thing is sometimes kids go to get the water and then get killed. Sometimes if there are no lakes or rivers they have to go to oceans and in oceans there are more deadly animals like hippos’ crocodiles and deadly fish. In 2012 there was a story that a little girl had went to get water and feed some of her animals and almost got eaten by a crocodile but her animals got eaten. She got away safe and scared. Her family just heard

Why are video games addictive? 
Cody Moody Peyton Kiera

Role playing games allow players to do more than just play they get to actually create characters. Video games are fun so you want to play them a lot.

 Video games are very addicting. Video games mess up your brain. Popular games are GTA, COD BO2, Dead Rising 3, Dead pool, Assassins Creed Unity, and Minecraft. One of the first games was pong Video games are addicting because there is a lot of action. The first ever game brand was Nintendo. If you play some video games for two days straight you could be blind. If you sit and play video games 24 7 you can be brainwashed. You can tell if someone has been playing a lot because of their work. Most people get Play Stations. 


By: Jorja, Matt P, Tyson, Harper

One of the reason is something called Melanim, the pigmented tissue of the hair. Melanim are the stuff in your hair which naturally colors it. It is combined of your parents color so on and so on. Since our hair and nail are made of our dead skin cells your skin color will affect your hair color. Ancestors if your ancestors were Swedish you probably have blonde hair. We get grey when we get very old. If French probably had black or brown. If your hair color is chestnut color you have lots people as your ancestors.

How do birds fly?
By: Josh, Baron, Anya   

Air gets above and under the wings. It needs thrust, thrust is created by flapping its wings. A bird and airplane the same because air gets over and under the plane and bird. Bird have different port of their wings to help them fly. Smell birds have smell wings because if they have big wings they cannot fly that well. If you cut their wings it will fly. Birds have got to have strong muscles. They have bones in their wings. They all have different sizes to soot the birds flying ablates to fly. Birds have strong lags.           

What Causes Waves in the Ocean 

Matthew H, Mason, Tye, Jumah

Wind can cause waves. The wave size depends on how fast the wind blows and how much water the wave travels over. The difference between a wave and a tsunami is a tsunami is created by an earthquake under water. Waves can be small peaceful waves or waves that create floods. There are different types of waves like tidal waves, and tsunamis and there is many more. Some waves are created by storms. 

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