Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOLE March 26

Why Can’t Kids Vote? 

 Emily, Keely, Kiera and Alison

Kids can’t vote because if were to vote in gr.2 and they haven’t learned anything about government yet, they would not know who they are voting for or what the person is going to be like if they win. In Austria you have to be 16 years old to vote. In japan you have to be 20 years old to vote. In Oshawa, at 18 years old you legally become an adult and you are allowed to vote. Politicians think kids are not important enough to vote before the age of 18. Adults think kids aren’t smart enough to vote before they legally become an adult. Some kids are not mature enough to vote. Just because some kids aren’t mature enough to vote, it doesn’t mean other kids are not mature. We looked on a debate voting website about whether kids should vote or not, and a lot of other people did agree kids should vote. The results of the vote was 65% yes and 35% no. At one point in life women were not allowed to vote like children aren’t allowed to vote today. Women were not allowed to vote until the early 19 hundreds. Women were not allowed to vote until the early 19 hundreds because, men thought women weren’t important enough to make such a big decision, much like how kids aren’t allowed to vote because adults don’t think they are that important.

Why Do We Need Food, Water & Air?
 By: Grace& Heaven

Living things need water, food & air to survive. It is essential to the process which produces energy to keep us alive Energy can’t be made without a source, that source is the food we eat The food is filled with different chemicals that when they break down , they turn into  energy Water takes place in breaking down nutrients. Without water the cells break down and experience severe damage. Air is important because it has oxygen, which is a component of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the process where living things obtain energy food contains nutrients that we need the nutrients replace old cells we need food just like a car needs gas, we can’t run without it. All cells need oxygen, they are making carbon dioxide, your blood carries your oxygen from the lungs to all the cells and it takes back all the carbon dioxide. breathing in & out air brings in oxygen and takes out carbon dioxide 60% of the human body is water each day your body must congest up to 2.4 litres of water , through liquids and foods We get clean water from lakes. Oxygen is air we breathe when hungry we eat food Water quenches thirst           Mammals need water to survive a humans body is 60% water our brains are made out of 70% water and your lungs are 90% water. Food gives you energy to work throughout the day. You need food to survive for nutrition without proper nutrition you can’t survive you need various foods for fuel and nutrition For example you need minerals hormones, build bones and regulate potassium Examples of minerals are calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine and copper. Water is also important in your diet. You need oxygen to breathe the oxygen travels to your lungs and you inhale. When you exhale the air travels out of your lungs you need the oxygen to make your lungs work. When you exhale, the air is called carbon dioxide When you inhale the air is put into your circulation

Will the World End Some Day ?

Mason, Moody, Jorja, Matthew

People will sell their stuff if they here the world will end. People believe in the world ending and some don’t. Some scientists believe that the world will turn dark. People thought the world was going to end in 2012. NASA thinks the world will end in 2032. People don’t actually know if the world will end or not. People believe they go to heaven when the world ends. You can’t undo the big bang it is impossible. A bible says the world will end in 2016. The world will probably end in 3000 or higher. They say the world will end with a big asteroid. Some think the sun will go out and there will be pure darkness. Christens believe that the world will end. The world could change a lot and end the earth. People who believe in Jesus believe the world will be saved. People believe robots will take over the world. People in space can destroy the world. People say the world can end by a Nuke. People believe that animals will stay alive even when the world ends. People say it will end by a nuclear war. People are finding signs for when the world ends.



The Mpemba effect was discovered in 1963. A Tanzanian student noticed that hot ice cream mix freezes faster than a cold one. Ideas for the Mpemba effect are: faster evaporation of hot water, which reduces the amount left to freeze.

What is Pneumonia?

Emma Matt. P Anya Lindsay

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs and it is caused by bacteria. Pneumonia can develop in the lungs from an infection. In the U.S.A more than 3 million people catch pneumonia each year. About 70% of people get treatment in the hospital for pneumonia but the other 30% of them don’t.  If you have pneumonia, there will be pus sacs in your lungs. Although it is a virus and most viruses are contagious pneumonia is not because it is a fungi kind of virus. Pneumonia can be very dangerous especially if the person is already weak or a child. This disease is very deadly for a lot of people. The symptoms of pneumonia are: chills and high fever, high heart rate, headaches, loss of appetite, mood swings, low blood pressure, lots of coughing with yellow or green mucus coming up, vomiting, joint pain, chest pain, sometimes the skin will be blue from lack of oxygen. Swelling: narrows the airway decreasing air flow. Mucus: increases reducing air space. Pneumonia is deadly if it is not treated within 3 days. Pneumonia can be treated but only in the hospital with proper care and proper medicine.

Why do we have Nightmares? 

By: James & Harper.

Nightmares can be caused by bad stuff that happened to you recently. Can also be caused by something scary you saw/read about. Nightmares are scary dreams. Something scary that you think that might happen to you. Nightmares can be caused randomly. Nightmares can be caused of something bad that you think that could happen to your family. Nightmares can be caused if you’re nervous of something. Nightmares can be caused if people were bullying you and you are worried of them doing it again. Nightmares can be caused if you’re staying up for too long at night. Nightmares can be caused if you’re feeling unconformable in your bed. If you were having a bad day you could have a nightmare. Nightmares can happen in the future. Nightmares can be someone that you know and hate and he is a bully. If you have a nightmare, try and count to 10 that usually work.
Where is Newfoundland?
By Josh and Peyton

Newfoundland is the largest island in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Canada. There are alot of bays and deep fjords along the coastline. Some ice/iceberg travel along the coastline. Newfoundland is one of Canada`s ten provinces. Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province in Canada and is located in North America. Their flag contains the colours: red, blue, white and yellow. Newfoundland is one of the most top ten nicest province in the world. Some people say that the houses in Newfoundland are more detailed than any other province..

How Do Stores Get Food Like Meat, Milk And Other Things?
By  Braydon, Ben, Cody and Jenson

People will sometimes ship food from other countries for the stores. People that own the store go to a farmer and get their meat and milk from the farmer. Sometimes the owner grows food like fruits to sell at their store. Some of the food has fat and artificial sugar. Some people buy food from a store and resell at their own store. Some stores like Walmart and Costco get billions of dollar a year. Some people that don’t get the money to buy new food they get old food and resell it. Some store owners can have a cow of their own to get the milk for their store.Some people take the food home and then take it back. Stores have different options like fruit vegetables candy and chips a good store like Costco will have different options

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