Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unschooling article responses.

Recently we read an article about why one family practices unschooling. You can read the article here.

Below are the students responses to the article.

I like this article because it is true kids do learn in nature. I think that it is okay to unschool kids and they can learn at young age. The kids are learning stuff that they would usually learn when they get older but it’s better to learn it early. Then they will know how to do stuff when they are older. I think it’s normal for kids to learn this way. I like it because it would be fun to drive a tractor and miss school. I dislike it because some stuff you won’t learn at home that you do in school. I can picture myself as one of the kids staying home and not going to school.

I do agree with this article because I think kids have a better chance with their parents teaching them or letting kids figure stuff out on their own so they will have a better chance in life on their own. I also disagree with this article a bit because kids should have the right to choose if they want to go to school or not. If they say they want to go to school already at the age of 3 that is totally different because they don’t know what school is yet. But if they were saying they want to go to school at the age of 6-8 then they would likely know what school is and then it would be a good time to make their decision. But I also disagree more with this article because in the article it says the boys have not learned to read till they were 8 and 9 and I think the parents should have gave more support on reading with them because if they were in school they would have learned how to read in kindergarten.  I do agree with the part where they said. If you want your child to be responsible you have to give them responsibility and if you want them to be trustworthy you have to trust them. Some kids lead by example so if u give them trust, responsibility and more, then the kids will follow your example and will do good in life and be a leader. And that is how I agree and disagree with this article.
I agree with this because kids should not always be leaning the same subjects because not everyone likes art and we don’t really need to learn art some kids like math so they should us math and learn about something that don’t really like art so they could us math and could be learning about art.  Unschooling is hard to do and to be in.  There are many kids that have unschooling in their life.  They want kids to lean different thing when unschooling.  Unscoolng can be fun.  Kids learn better when they are on their own.  You need to trust them to be on their own.  Not a lot of kids and parents lime unschooling.  Not a lot of ids are in unschooling.
I think that this article is really important because if parents read this article than it could encourage them to home school their kids. If parents can’t send their kids to public school they can just home school their kids so that their kids can be ejected. Not every kid can go to public school, and if parents read this article then they can home school their kids if they don’t think that their kids can be home schooled. It’s much easier for parents that have jobs at home to home school their kids. Every kid needs ejection and if some kids can’t go to public school than their parents can home school them so that when their kids are older they will have ejection that they need to get a job.     
I disagree with this article because I believe that kids should go to school to get a proper education so that they can go to college or university to get a good job that pays well. I also believe that kids should not even be home schooled because their parents have not gone to university and get their degree as a teacher and they also don’t have work to hand out or supplies to help the children. And even if they did have some supplies they wouldn’t be able to teach as well as an educated teacher would. So there for it would be better for the child to go to school so that way when they want to go to college or university they will understand the work and they won’t be behind the other kids because you can’t afford to be behind in college or university.
I agree that kids should be unschooled cause if you are learning from nature than you will be able to grow up in your community and be more safe and helpful to others in your community. I also think it is a good idea cause you can learn life skills and still learn math and other skills, it can also affect how you act around people if you don’t see other people than you will get used to the same people like in a classroom your always around the same class mates and not changing it up every day. If you are unschooled than you get to stay in a big community and talk to new people.

I don’t like how long it was but it was interesting and a little fun to do something different then SOLE or math. I liked how the article was talking back to each other. It got a little boring after the first half or it. How do you learn math. You will become lazy. You won’t learn the important things in life.
I agreed with it and I like this article because in the last answer it said if you want your child to be responsible you have to give them responsibility and also it said if you want your child to be trustworthy you have to trust them and I think that was a very good article.
I don’t agree with the article because I think kids need to go to school to make friends and get a good job. When a kid goes to school learn about stuff that they might need to know in life.

I liik the autacl becos  2-it is a good Ida 1-ti is good way to loun
I like the article because unschooling is a good idea. It is a good way for kids to learn.
They learn at an early age. The parents provide almost no instruction. They learn best when in a community in there environment. I would not want to be in that situation because you are not being taught and you have to learn by yourself. also that when they want to go to high school if they were being unschooled that they would be behind because they were not at school and missed a lot of things like if they learn to hunt and stuff like that in high school it wouldn’t matter but I would not want to be unschooled.
I like how the writer wrote it and all he said it all and the words are actually true, I think. But the article is amazing and I really like it because of all the detail and how he put the Q & A thing. But what I don’t like is how long it is but it is really interesting. I also do not know if it is harder than normal school or not.
I don’t agree BECAUSE I don’t think that kid should just skip school because school has a good education system and it is better than just learning for yourself. It would be bad because you wouldn’t be able to get a job and because I wouldent e able to talk to my friends because they would be at school.
Also the teachers would be fired because nobody would come to school.
I agree with it because I think kids need school because kid will not get a job or nothing to survive and the parents need to go to work well kid are learning stuff and the parents cannot do that at the sometime and there should be buses because if they live far away from a school or a store they have to walk
I’m not sure… part of me says it’s a good idea- and the other half thinks: what if he crosses a bear in the forest? Will he know if it’s friendly or not? No.
I agree with them because some subjects you don’t really need. Most of this makes sense and some of it does not. This article is about kids not going to school and how some parents home school their children. I think this article proves a point some parents unschool their kids because of bullying but I have never heard of any home school their children for the subjects.  But I think kids should go to school but don’t need some subjects.
I thought this article was sort of interesting because some parts of it were boring and some of the other ones were interesting. I agree with most of it because some parts I don’t understand, if I knew and understood most of the stuff I didn’t understand I could probably agree with all of it. All the parts that I highlighted I agree with others I didn’t think were important and others I didn’t understand. I mostly agree with these sentences.
Matthew H
I agree and disagree. I agree because it would do kids good in life to stay home and do work. I disagree because kids would not get to get new friends and they will not learn lots of sports and other subjects. I liked it because it is detailed and it talks about kids don’t have to walk to school or sit in a desk almost all day. Plus the kids will be at home in a respectful environment where kids can’t get picked on. Kids also with learning disabilities and normal kids will be in an environment that they are used to and like. The article is a pretty good article over all.  I like that for unschooling the parents have to trust their kids. I like that kids would probably learn more unschooling. Unschooling is a chance to learn how to work when they get older. Unschooling can give a lot of skills and take a lot of skills. Unschooling is a good way to learn how to live.
Matthew P.
I like this the story because an 8 year old and a 9 year old are leaning without school. They are teaching them self to learn math and sentience. It is good that they are leaning well without school. It is a good story because the two boys are leaning and that they will learn from their mistakes.    
That kids can’t skip school without school you can’t learn and you won’t get a job if you don’t go to school you won’t get money I don’t like it case you need school to learn
This article tells a lot about things that children can do. I say that I agree to this article because learning is good. You can go to school and you don’t have to go to school. You still learn from it and it provides few opportunities for them. To be trusted so they can learn more things. Unschooling may sound fun but if you don’t go to school you can’t get a proper education and then you won’t get a good job or things like that. I don’t agree with this article and you should go to school so you can live a good life. If you’re Unschooling you’re learning more about the environment. If I was unschooling I would not get a proper education.

I liked that they added detail to the article. I disliked that they wrote to much in the article. Fin and rye don’t go to school. I liked that they added detail. I disliked that they had too much.

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