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Autism Research


Autism is a medical condition people are born with. There is no sign of autism when someone is first born but autism is noticeable in the first 2-3 years of someone’s life. Family members often have autism that runs through their family and sometimes autism could be passed down through your parent’s genes. The short form for autism is ASD, ASD stands for autism spectrum disability. Autism starts in early brain development and takes place when the brain is developed differently. Autism is a disorder of the brain developing and is the most the most common condition of a disorder. The way people with autism fell, smell, think, hear, learn and even play may be hard for them to do. People with autism sometimes have difficulty communicating, forming relationships and using language.  
About 1 for every 1000 people will get Autism. It is estimated in the U.S.A 1 out of 42 boys will get autism and 1 out of 190 will get Autism. Some people with autism could be sensitive to loud noises or sensitive to other things to. Some people with autism might not know how to act in certain situations or might not know how to react to stuff that has happened to them. 

People with autism see the whole world differently and sometimes even fell like they don’t belong.


By grace

Autism is a mental disability it is when you can’t learn the same way as others, sometimes you get a laptop if you have autism. It is a learning disability that mostly boys can only get rarely girls can get it, you get diagnosed at the age of 2-3 years old Parents noticed the signs at the age of two. Some people say it can make you more sensitive and Yes it can sometimes you have autism your feelings get hurt but for some people it doesn’t affect their behavior as much as others. It is not something you can get during life it does not travel through air or is contagious, so don’t worry if you have it you cannot give it to someone else. It is something you are born with and have for the rest of your life. There is no cure for autism you can get help like for instance some teachers in school they can help you calm down and protect you from hurting yourself. It can affect your brain, behavior and balance they sometimes lose control of their body, may be sensitive to loud sounds, might know how to react in different situations sometimes repeat statements and cannot control emotions might not understand sarcasm or jokes there are many forms like: stereotyping, compulsive, sameness, ritual active. Only about 1-1000 people get it which means it is pretty rare.
Different names for autism: aspbergers. They don’t liked being touched but Kids with ASD like to touch other people. Autism can make a kid have some energy. Research shows that the brain is an issue in autism. Asperger is one of the types of autism. Compulsive behavior is fallowing rules such as arranging items in specified order every time which basically means that you have to fallow the same order of where things go and how you do things. Restricted to when you focus on things and Sameness is the resistance to move. SPD is not autism it is sensory processing disorder. Self-injury is when a person gets mad at them self and pokes at skin and injures them self. Autistic refers to the person, autism refers to the mental disability. It is connected to your jeans, which means it is connected to your family maybe your grandfather has it or farther back in time. Jeans is another term for family tree. People with autism need toys to help them calm down and Affected the nerve cells in the brain and they might prefer to be alone. 40 % of the kids with autism are smart. The other 60% have lots of trouble. 

You can get bullied lots if you have autism, Lots of people try to stop bulling because of autism and have not yet found a way to stop it, I think that if you don’t bully people than you are putting in an effort to stop bulling. So when you think about it if everyone does that then no one will get bullied. Maybe if it did affect your looks that would be why some people bully them but it does not.

                   Can it effect you when you are born?

 Some people think it can affect your looks and no it cannot, if someone with autism did not have it they would same. Some people think autism affects your body formation when you are born but it cannot. It can’t make you have 9 toes or 1 arm and bent wrists but it can affect your learning and your social life.
By: Jorja
When They Are Born To Age 2
All children that are born with it, its 100% impossible for it to be contagious. There is no sign of autism when autistic children are born. Most children with autism get treatment with age. It is extremely rare for a child with autism to come with birth affects. If a child has not said any repetitively staking or lining things up is a common sign of autism. words 16 months or under is a sign of autism, between 2 and 16 months have no two words or small phrases is a sign of autism.  Self-injury is a sign of autism (banging head, hitting themselves, scratching themselves etc.) you can’t tell if someone has autism but just looking. Makes little eye contact. 1 in 1000 people that live in the UK have autism. There is no cure.
About autistic kids that are about 3-9
Parents usually find out if their child has autism at age 3. There are movie theaters opening for autistic children. Some autistic kids get millstones at same age at other kids. Often are targets for bullies, for their lack of understanding some things. It is harder for autistic kids to communicate with others.
Brain/ thinking
Research show that brain activity is a problem with autism. Autism has an effect on the brain. There is no cure for autism (that anyone has discovered yet) but can be helped. It happens more to boys than girls. Stereotyping is a sign of autism.  Another name for autism is ASD (autism spectrum disability)
Features of Autism
You can’t tell someone has by looking at them. Children with autism often are not interested with any other people (besides their family). They make little or no eye contact and don’t like being touched. They have a different reaction if someone tickles them. They sometimes repeat statements.  From an early age they have trouble with language. They might not understand jokes or sarcasm. It can affect their learning abilities. They might not know how to react in certain situations. Kids with autism can’t control their emotions. It can’t happen as you get older. There are many types of Autism. Each may affect each person differently than another person. Sometimes they gets angry over little things. It can make a kid have extra energy. Some need toys to calm them down. Autistic kids are targets for bullies for their lack of understanding of their surroundings. If older family members (like parents) have had it you have a better chance of getting it

You get autism through your genes. It affects by the nerve cells in the brain. About 40% of people with autism are very smart. The other 60% have other disabilities


By Jumah

 Autism is not a disease nor is it contagious, so you have to be BORN with autism to have it can be noticed in the first two years of life Sometimes people with autism like to stack objects. The rate of autism is estimated to be about 1-2 people every 1,000 people; so if YOU have autism, your special! It appears to be five times more often among boys than girls... weird, huh? Kids with high founcsonig autism suffer more from loneliness… hmm… yeah, I like to have a friend with me a lot. A lot of evidence point’s people to believe autism is caused by synaptic dysfunction. Exposure to pollution heavy metals and particles during pregnancy increases the chance of autism. US and Japan screen the children for signs of you know what. There are different types of autism- like, Aspergers. People with autism might not exactly recognise sarcasm or understand jokes. Sometimes they repeat statements, like, do you know how much I want to make your face A-symmetrical right now? A lot. They miiiiiiiight have a bit of a problem playing sports. I’m kind of bad at soccer in particular. In Early childhood they could struggle learning to speak. Some people with autism have trouble controlling their emotions. Some might be sensitive to loud noises. It can’t be cured but CAN be helped. No 2 people with autism are the same. It’s in your JEANS! Wait, oh, THOSE genes! Some autistic kids have a lot of energy. I’M BOUNCIN OFF THE WALLS HERE!
The weird thing about this project for me is that I have autism. So I got a chance to see some explanations to some problems with me. The answers: autism. Well, keep calm and ESAPE THE LAG!!!*technical difficulties* keep calm and wind that music box! Wait… oh-no… YAAAAAAAAAAAA-*Static**technical difficultytis*


by Emma

Autism is a brain disorder that affects 1 in 68 people in the US. Scientists say that autism is both environmental and genetic. Autism is first noticed at the age of 2 but you are born with it. You can’t catch autism because it is not contagious nor a disease. You must be born with autism to have it. There is no cure for autism but they have identified symptoms. Some of the symptoms of autism are they will have almost no eye contact at all.

People with autism don’t like to be touched or hugged like other children do. In some cases they will have trouble making friends with the people they meet. They also have trouble concentrating when there is a task that needs to be done. People with autism have trouble showing their emotions, but they do feel all the emotions that we do they just have trouble expressing them to others. They also lack in empathy. Sometimes people with autism have trouble putting meaningful words into sentences. One of the most common symptoms of autism it that they will repeat the same words over and over again uncontrollably. Some people with mild cases of autism have to go on medication because they can’t control their emotions. Sometimes they will throw fits because they can’t control how they feel and can’t control their emotions. People with autism don’t speak a lot.

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