Friday, June 20, 2014

What does it take to make the best paper airplane?

Today we all learned abut paper airplanes. After the research we had a chance to make some. 

Paper air planes originate from ancient China and Japan. Making paper Airplanes is sometimes considered origami. Origami was developed around 450 BCE. Airplanes look like origami. They have found some in ancient places in China and Japan… thrown away. These planes were found in places over 2000 years old. It is thought that the first flying thing made out of paper is a kite in China.
The Wright Brothers used paper air planes to study to make real airplanes. The longest a paper airplane has ever flown was 27.11 seconds.  Thrust and lift are two forces that help a plane make long flight. Thrust is the forward movement of the plane. Lift is when the wing is pushing up on it like the air above it.
To make it fly you need to know aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is the motion of air passing through and around a solid object. A paper airplane has air making it go and air pushing against it.  The air pushing against it is called drag. To make the air plane go farther you have to throw it in the right direction. If the air is pushing against the plane it messes with the plane and if you throw it with the wind pushing it will go farther. To make a paper airplane fly it doesn't take force, it depends on the air/wind.  Airplanes push a lot of air. It also drags through the air. Airplanes thrust and lift. Thrust means it’s the forward movement of the plane. Paper airplanes are really gliders. Lift comes from air below pushing it up. It is harder than air pushing it down. Gravity pulls it down. The four forces must be in balance
To make a good paper airplane you have to have an open imagination.  You could use instructions from a paper plane book.  It can depend on the person with the paper airplanes opinion.  It’s different if the paper plane is a different type.  It could depend on what the plane is good at.  Your plane could also be better at things than others. To make a paper airplane a good one it needs to be, fast, go far, and go where you want it to go.

A paper airplane should be made out of 1 piece of paper. Paper airplanes shouldn’t include staples, glue, tape or paper clips. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


We are going to Parkwood Estate on Tuesday to see the home of Col. am McLaughlin. To prepare , earlier we did some work on Sam , but now we are focusing on other parts of his involvement with Oshawa.

Robert McLaughlin
He was born November 16th 1836. He died November 23rd 1921 at the age of 85. Robert was the Mayor of Oshawa. He was born in Cavan Township, Upper Canada. He was married to Sarah Jane Parr. His brother James was a doctor. His first wife died because of the disease consumption. He married Eleanor McCullach after his 2nd wife died. His sons were George William, John James, and Robert Samuel. He began building carriages in Enniskillen before he moved the factory to Oshawa. In 1918 his companies were taken over by General Motors. He was the first president of the YMCA. He was a business man. Robert McLaughlin was a Canadian industrialist.

Colonel Mclaughlin’s Gifts to Oshawa
Cameron C.
Colonel McLaughlin put the city of Oshawa on the map. He has donated to the Art Gallery, the library and Woodview Park. In 1951, Colonel McLaughlin made the McLaughlin foundation. In 1953-2003 the foundation donated to the McLaughlin Planetarium and the Royal Ontario Museum. Parkwood Estate, his mansion, began in 1916. In 1989 Parkwood Estate became a National Historic Site of Canada. He also donated $1 million to the library building of the University of Guelph, and he donated almost $200 million to the University of Toronto. In Oshawa he donated Lakeview Park to the city. He gave Camp Samac to the Boy Scouts. He donated land and money to make the First Oshawa General Hospital.
Adelaide McLaughlin
Dora, Abi, Alisha, Mia
Adelaide was born on February 9th, 1875. She died when she was 83 in 1958. Adelaide’s full named is Adelaide Louise Mowbray.  In 1898, she married Sam McLaughlin.  Her mother was Victoria Nutting and her father’s name was Ralph Mowbray. Her husband, Sam McLaughlin had a nickname for her, Always Late Mowbray. She attended a Teacher’s College. It was in Ottawa. After she graduated she worked as a teacher in Whitby, Ontario. Adelaide met her husband when they were both attending to church. It was love at first sight. When they had met, Sam said that day at church, he only saw a beauty of vision in choir. Sam and Adelaide had 5 daughters. Their names are Eileen, Mildred, Isabel, Hilda and Eleanor. Eleanor’s nickname was Billy. She only had 2 dates with Sam, before he proposed.  The wedding took place on the Mowbray farm, and their honeymoon was in New York for a week.  They lived in a mansion together. Today it is well known as Parkwood. It is located on 270 Simcoe St. N Oshawa ON L1G 4T5. She gave up her teacher career after the marriage. She grew up in Brougham, Ontario. Sam worked for the McLaughlin Carriage Company.  She was the benefactor for Queen’s University. A benefactor is when you give something. She gave donations to Queen’s to help construct Adelaide Hall which was named in her honour. Her husband died January 6th, 1972. He was 100. Adelaide loved flowers.  She grew to be an expert on flowers. That’s why the greenhouses and gardens were very important to her.  That’s why they are so big. She has many talents.  One of her daughters is an artist. There are schools named after her, a street named after her, as well as a soccer team named after her.

All About McLaughlin Carriage Company

Jaycee, Jaylah, Rheya, Olivia
The full name for the company is the McLaughlin Carriage Company. It was first located in a blacksmith shop in the village of Enniskillen. Robert McLaughlin started the carriage company in 1876. At that time they only made horse drawn carriages. When Robert got older, in 1907 he gave his son the opportunity to be the vice president of the company. After a while, Sam became president of the carriage company. He changed it over to making cars. It is now a part of GM.
Murals in Oshawa
The murals are located in downtown Oshawa. They are the Oshawa Historical Murals. They were begun in 1993. There are tours are in the summer. Each mural has a scene from Oshawa’s history. They are about people , places and events that happened in Oshawa a long time ago.

There are 4 main museums in Oshawa. The most important is Parkwood Estate, the home of Col. Sam and Adelaide Mclaughlin. There is also an auto museum that has many cars that were made in Oshawa as well as important cars in the car trade. There is also the Sydenham Museum which features three houses down at the lake, Henry House, Robinson House and Guy House. You can learn about early Oshawa settlers there. There is also a museum at the airport.
The Oshawa Generals
Zach, Aidan,
The Oshawa Generals are a hockey team in the OHL. The name for the building they play in is the General Motors Centre.  This is their home rink.  They also won the Memorial Cup four times, in 1939, 1940, 1944 and in 1990.  The original rink the played in had a fire. It was the Hambly Arena that burnt down. It took a very long time for the rink to be rebuilt.  In order for the rink to be made again the people of Oshawa donated a lot of money. They built the Oshawa Civic Auditorium.  Then they had to buy the new equipment for the team.  The arena was back to holding the hockey games again.  The team rink is located in Oshawa, Ontario.  The logo colours are red, blue and white.  They have two distinct eras. Eras means of time. One was the time before the fire. The other was the time after the fire. Bobby Orr and John Tavares both played for Oshawa.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 5 SOLE

Is Solar Power Better Than Wind Power?

       By Andrew and Dora

         Solar power is a system that is on top of your house and uses the sun to gain power. Wind power can be generated from wind turbine that uses wind to gain power. It depends on which one is better because they both have different qualities. For some commercials or TV shows/movies, wind power (turbines) is better because they can create a wind effect. A solar power system has no moving parts and is silent, better reliability in some people’s opinions, and a 25 year warranty. Some say it’s a better value for your money. It is less conspicuous than a wind turbine. Conspicuous means that it has less maintenance. There is less installation and less cables. It is less susceptible in lighting damage and less susceptible to high wind damage. A solar power system uses less space than a wind turbine. The U.S.A. has some of the best wind resources in the world. The U.S.A. also has some of the best solar power systems in the world. Solar installations have 3,100 megawatts. That’s enough power to power more than 630,000 homes.

What is the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum?

By Adrian, Stewart and Jaylah

It’s a Canadian tourist attraction. It is in Drumheller Alberta.  The museum is 6km long.  It’s also named Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.  The museum is named in honour of joseph B. Tyrell.  It is operated by Alberta’s Ministry of Culture.  It opened on September 25th, 1985.  It became “royal” in 1990.  The bones in the museum came from nearby in the Badlands.It’s one of the most famous museums.  People leave entertained.  Alberta’s fossil trail spans 2500km (1553 miles.)  It begins 7 minutes from the town of Drumheller.

What was the Red River Rebellion?

By; Cameron, Olivia, Cody, and keeshan

The Red River Rebellion took place in 1869-1870. It all started in 1869 when the Hudson Bay Company sold the territory to Rupert’s Land. They were up against the Canadian Government. They were called Metis. Metis are a mix of American-Indian and Euro-American. They were Scottish settlers who went to the Red River to settle there. Another name for the Red River Rebellion was the Red River Resistance. It formed in 1812. People want to move the settlement more out west. Louis Riel became in charge of the Canadian Government. Louis Riel was born on October 22nd, 1844, and he died on November 16th, 1885. He was 46 years old when he died.

Why do gases burn?

Gas is made out of special chemicals. The flames are caused as a result of a fuel undergoing combustion. Combustion means something unpleasant has resulted in a flame. One of the safest gases and the cleanest is natural gas. Natural gas is a hydrocarbon, so that means it’s made out of carbon and hydrogen. Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed when there are layers of buried plants that have changed over millions of years.. 

What are the 5 types of renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural sources. The 5 renewable energies are Solar power, wind power, water power, biomass and geothermal. Renewable power is also called green electricity. Renewable energy is generated from natural energy sources. People say that green energy is a type of renewable energy.      Unlike fossil fuels, such as coal and oil green energy will not run out. Solar energy is the sun as a powerful source of energy. It provides the earth as much energy as all other sources do in an hour collectively. It is important that we continue are use of solar energy. Solar has been growing for the last 20 years. The hotter it is outside the more energy you get. If something is un-renewable that means they draw on no resources. Solar shingles are installed on your rooftop. For wind energy is where whenever the wind blows it moves the windmill the same direction. Most green electricity comes from either directly or indirectly from the sun. The sun heat drives the wind.  Along with the rain and snow, sunlight causes plants to grow. Biomass can cause energy. Not all renewable energies come from the sun. Water energy comes from a number of power plants on rivers around the world

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Google vs Microsoft

There was a discussion today in my class about the merits of Google vs Microsoft. It was quite interesting to hear their thoughts.

Here are their thoughts.

Google vs Microsoft

Google - provides their products for you to use - no strings attached - use or don’t use

Microsoft - pay to have the product on your computer

Google - convenience - everything is one place - programs - documents everywhere you need them

Microsoft - mostly limited to the computer you are working on

Google - easily accessible - anywhere there is a connection - phone, tablet, laptop, computer, as long as there is a connection you are in touch with your work

Microsoft - not so much

Google - documents can be shared and worked on together

Microsoft - documents can only be accessed by one person at a time

Google programs work together, hangout, shared documents,

Microsoft - no program interactions
Google - user friendly

Microsoft - adapted from a business format - not as friendly

Google - all programs are in one place on desktop - no need to search for programs or look through your icons

Microsoft - must create icons, arrange on desktop

Google - automatically saves the document in your drive

Microsoft - creates a backup file rather than automatic saving the document

Google - saves to the cloud

Microsoft - saves to the hard drive

Google - efficient

Microsoft - not efficient

Choices and options are simple - what you need

Microsoft - too many choices and options

Monday, June 9, 2014

Raising Money For The Soup Kitchen

23 Kids Make $235 For Soup Kitchen
by Andrew and Kaydn

Mr. Ferguson’s Grade 5 class at Coronation Public School have a special way of learning. It is called SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment).  In a SOLE we get to research topics of interest to us and discuss them with the class.
After a SOLE about Homelessness during our freezing winter, Mr. Ferguson’s Grade 5 class felt horrible about the poor and less fortunate. The students felt horrible about how many people needed support such as a shelter or a soup kitchen. We wanted to do something about it so we looked around for ideas.
One day Mr. Ferguson brought in a Yonana’s machine. A Yonana machine is a way to turn frozen bananas into a frozen, ice cream like substance. The class decided this was what we would do to help the Soup Kitchen. We started right away selling this non-dairy ice cream for the whole school. The class sold the ice cream product for about 5 weeks on every Wednesday for $1 each. Soon we added chocolate and caramel sauce. The kids loved it!
At the end of five weeks we made $235 after expenses. With the written cheque of $235 we walked to Saint Vincent’s soup kitchen in Downtown Oshawa and presented it to them. We discovered that our donation would pay for a meal for about 150 people. The soup kitchen does not turn anyone away. They feed anyone who shows up.
We had a brief tour of the Soup Kitchen and had a chance to have our questions answered. It made us all feel good to know we are making a difference. We are now thinking about what we might do next year….

June 5

Why are tics a part of Tourette’s? What is Tourette’s?
Abi, Caoimhe, Mia, Jaycee
There are over 1000 different tics. Tic’s happen when you are under stress and anxious. It is a neurological disorder.  Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette discovered Tourette’s in an 86 year old man. Symptoms are noticed between the ages of 7-10. Tics come and go. More males are affected by Tourette’s than females. The first tics come in the head and neck area. If you have problems in pregnancy or child birth it is more probable that your child will have TS. TS stand for Tourette’s syndrome. There is nothing wrong with having Tourette’s. Many kids with Tourette’s are being bullied because they are different.  It occurs when the nerves in your brain have trouble communicating. Tourette’s is not contagious. People can have tics but not have Tourette’s but you can’t have Tourette’s without having tics. It is a genetic disorder. It affects all races, all backgrounds, and more guys than girls. There is no cure for Tourette’s yet.

Why are feet so smelly????
Alisha, Jaylah, Caden, Kaydn
Feet are smelly because they are the part of your body that are used at almost all times so they get sweaty. They also have the most sweat pores… about a pint of sweat is produced in a day. A pint is a unit of liquid or dry capacity equal to one half of a quarter. The sweat itself is not smelly, it’s the bacteria on your feet mixed in with the sweat to create the stink… the bacteria eats a layer of your skin each day. You don’t need to worry… you have many layers of skin.  Sweat and bacteria often mingle in socks and shoes... this is why your shoes smell.  Your feet smell even worse when you have athletes foot. If you have anything between your feet they will smell worse.
What Makes A Book A Classic?
Dora, Cameron C., Andrew, Zack
A classic book is accepted as being exemplary and noteworthy. Exemplary means it represents the best of its kind.  An example of a classic book is Moby Dick. Some classic authors are Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. Some people say who classic authors are from their opinion. Lots of people read classic books over and over. For a book to become a classic book, the book has to be famous for many years. Classic books are studied at schools and universities. It makes you think the book is in real life. It makes you want to read the book on. Once you read it for the first time, it makes you feel like you’ve read the book many times.

Why Do We Get Sunburned?
Aidan, Denyce, Olivia, Rheya
When you get a sunburn you’re basically killing skin cells. There are different types of UV’s. UVA is one UVB is two and UVC is three. UVB rays are what causes the pain. UVB only damages the top of your skin. They are an ultraviolet burn. An ultraviolet burn is a normal sunburn. VC rays are the most dangerous sunburn. UV can cause tumors. Melanin is a dark brown/black pigment exposed to sun. Pigment is the redness of the burn. Some sun burns can be life threatening. You can get skin cancer. If you get direct sunlight for too long it can cause DNA damage. Sometimes you can get dizzy. If you are 60 and over you should not be in the sun for more than 10 minute’s,  maximum to save the risk of death. It could cause blisters, skin peeling, redness and reactions. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. You can almost burn anywhere. Don’t go in the sun for about (2 days ) maximum, 1 day minimum after a burn.
Where does the universe end? 

By Keeshan, Hunty, and Cameron b
Out of the entire universe it has no center. The universe does not end, it goes on and on and it has tonnes of galaxies. At the end of space there is just the universe. Something called the big bang happened in space. A long time ago the big bang changed space over a Million times in I little second.

Dark matter
Stewart, Katelynne, Cody, Adrian
80% of mass is dark matter.  It doesn’t emit light or energy.  Dark matter holds the elements in space.  Space only had dark matter.  Dark matter creates black holes.  Dark matter created stars.  It was made before the big bang theory.  Dark matter is the energy in space.  Dark matter was a life saver.  People think it is a failed dwarf galaxy.  Once it mixed with the Milky Way.  It cannot be seen with a telescope.  Jan Oort discovered dark matter.  Dark matter is basically little Atoms.  Dark matter is a type of matter.  Matter is a physical substance.  Dark matter and Atoms make a star.  Dark matter cannot be seen directly.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 3

What is Chaos Theory?
By Kaydn, Keeshan, Adrian and Cody

What is the chaos theory you ask. Let’s start at the beginning. It all started when a man named Edward Lorenz created a weather model on his computer. People started to look in to his theory later on 1960. The seven parts of which they study are mathematics, meteorology, sociology, physics, engineering, economics, biology and philosophy. Chaotic behaviors can be observed in natural systems such as the migratory patterns of a bird’s flight or the way a hurricanes forms. It is behaviours that appear to be unpredictable are predictable.

Who Is The Elephant Man?
Caden, Zach, Caoimhe and Hunter

His full name is Joseph Carey Merrick. He was born on August 5th, 1882, in Leicester, United Kingdom. He died on April 11th, 1890, White Chapel, United Kingdom. It is believed that he had a couple of degenerative diseases. He developed large lips, big forehead and lumps on his face and back.  People thought it was from an accident his mom had before he was born. She was trampled by an elephant. That’s why people believe that is how he looked the way he looks. But he got it from a disease. He went to a school and he still had a close relationship with his mother, but she died when he was 11. His mother died from bronchial pneumonia. He said: I am not an elephant! , I am not an animal!  I am a human being! I am a man! People make fun of him for what he looks like, not based on who he really is. He wore a bag over his head. He did that because he did not want to be made fun of.
The next year his father remarried. He left his home when he left school. He made a poem about his self that goes like this:
Tis True my form is odd,
but blaming is blaming god,
can I create myself anew,
I would not fail I pleasing you.
If I could reach from pole to pole,
or grasp the ocean with a span,
I would be measured by the soul

How Do Movies Develop?
 By Jaylah, Olivia, Rheya, Jaycee

The first movie camera was made in England.  A man named Louis Prince in 1888 made it.  The first one to come out for sale was in 1867. Filming movies began right away but grew in the 1890’s. The earliest movies were made by strips of pictures captured on camera.  Movies can take up to a year or more to make! That’s a long time! William Kennedy Laurie Dickson took credit for making the first movie. The First motion picture camera made was made by Thomas Alva Edison and he named it the Kinetograph in 1889. In France, Auguste and Louis Lumiere invented cinematograph to project a movie on screen. 1905 was when the first movie theatre was made in Pittsburghrg. Today while making movies, they edit on computers and make the characters more realistic and 3D. Cinematograph made motion pictures (movies) more popular.  These are things people do and use to make a successful movie:
-         Actors
-         Storylines
-         Camera
-         Screenplay
-         Editing
-         Expand your story as you go along
-         Have a place that suits the movie to film
The very first Disney full length movie was snow white and the seven dwarfs. It first came out in a theatre… that is when it became popular and now it is a classic.
How Did Harry Potter Start
By: Andrew, Alisha, Abi and Mia

Joanne Rowling’s first book was Rabbit when Joanne was 6 or 7.  When Joanne was little she liked fantasy creatures.  When Joanne was older she wanted to write books about the fantasy creatures so she wrote Harry Potter.  Joanne’s goal was to become an award selling author.  Joanne was taking a long train ride to London, England from Manchester on July 1st and the Harry Potter popped into her head.  Joanne’s mother died when she was only 1 and Joanne wanted to relate her to Harry Potter so she wrote that Harry’s parents died when he was young.  Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published on 1997 June 26th. Joanne got her first award on January 1st 1997.  Harry potter and the deathly hollows is the fastest selling book of all time.  Joanne has got 7 awards for her books.  Joanne has published and made over 50 books and 7 of them are from harry potter.  Write now she is 48 years old.     

What is L’Anse Aux Meadows?
By: Aiden, Denyce and Cameron C

L’Anse aux Meadows is a Viking settlement from the 10th century AD.  You are able to find in Newfoundland, Canada. It is right on the very top of Newfoundland, so it is very close to the Atlantic Ocean. It was designated a historic site on November 28th 1968. It was discovered in 1960 by Helge Ingstad. It is the remains of 8 different Viking Buildings. It is where Vikings lived. It represents a failed colony of Norse Adventures. Norse is a medieval language used by Vikings. L’Anse Aux Meadows is the only known place established by Vikings in North America. It has been protected by Parks Canada since 1977. It was first recorded as L’Anse a la Medee (The Medee’s Cove). L’Anse Aux Meadows is a National Historic Site of Canada. L’Anse Aux Meadows is a corruption of the French designation L’Anse Aux Meduses. How the village became L’Anse Aux Meadows is not clear. There is also a cove facing the village, which is named Medee’s Bay. You’re able to camp there. It also can get very chilly at night.

How do whales talk to each other?
Katelynne, Cameron B., Rheya

They introduce there self by making. loud noises or breathing. They have  very loud screams under water. Some ways they talk is with Whale songs or echolocation. Whales are  very Intelligent mammals.
Blue whale is biggest .whale of them all Grows to 94 feet Or 29 meters. Dwarf sperm whale Is the Smallest. It grows to about 2.6 meters or 8.5 feet long