Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Class! Brand New SOLE!

Can two people have the same personality?
Emily, Keely, Kiera, Lindsay and Marlene
It is not possible for people to have the same personality. People can be like you but not exactly the same as you. Your personality can not change, so you will have the same personality as you have now. In ancient times it was thought people could be divided in four personality groups: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.              

How does concrete hold things together?
Anya, Grace, Heaven, Alison

Concrete is a building material used for lots of things such as buildings, houses and famous attractions. Cement is like glue. It bonds lots of materials together like brick and stone. Concrete mixed with sand works better because it holds things tighter. Cement is binder that combines other materials together. An early type of cement was made of lime sand and gravel.

How do they make Hockey Pucks?
Jorja Matthew P., Jumah, Tyson

The black rubber is made from natural rubber, antioxidants, bonding materials and other chemicals to balance hardness and resilience. The mixture is turned in machine.
Some of the types of pucks made are: NHL Ice Hockey pucks, custom hockey pucks, floor hockey pucks, roller hockey pucks, foam hockey pucks, chocolate hockey and pucks, super hockey pucks. The Hurley ball is the origin of pucks. It was cut on the top and bottom of the sphere. They were  removed for a better slide. 150 years ago pucks looked very different than today. And without hockey pucks people could not play Hockey .

How Do Storms Start
Peyton, Cody, James, Harper

When dry air and moist air meet, a tornado starts. The winds push at each other and start swirling. When warm air rises into the clouds and then the condensation falls back on the ground it rains or snows. When water evaporates and freezes it turns in to snow. When little chunks of ice in the clouds bump each other it makes lightning. When high wind surrounds a country it causes a hurricane

When plates under the ground move around they bump into each other and that causes an earthquake.

What Is The Meaning Of War?
Mason, Joshua, Matthew H.

War starts when to countries get in a conflict.  Why do they have conflicts? Countries get into conflicts because they fight to conquer other countries lands and to defend their own. Conflicts are carried on by the force of arms. Sometimes two countries compete and sometimes they work together. They fight with guns and other weapons. Some wars take years some take months. Solders wear gear such as helmets, vests, boots, and other bullet proof clothes. War is a battle to the death.

Why Do Pigs Not Sweat?
Jenson, Mahmoud,

Pigs have no sweat glands. Pigs cool off in the mud. Pigs have not much hair. Pigs hang out in the shade. Pigs have a very light colour.

When were the first shoes made?
Emma, Tyler, Anastasia and Braydon

We wear shoes to protect and to comfort our feet. The first pair of shoes as we know them were made in the 18th century. In the late 18th century when the first pair of shoes were made they used rubber soled shoes called plimsolls. In the 1917s they came up with a running shoe called Keds.