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February 24 SOLE

Why Boys Underestimate Girls?
By josh grace jumah and Lindsay

Boys sometimes underestimate girls cause their ego gets in the way. Boys think they are better than girls. Girls sometimes get better grades than boys and Boys also underestimate girls to look cool around other boys. Boys think it’s funny but girls do not and Girls tell boys to stop. Girls are afraid to try out for things cause of underestimations. They worry that if they don’t do well boys will laugh. Boys will challenge anyone who will challenge them. Underestimation means that you don’t think someone can do something

Why Big Things Are Heavy?
By: James Swaine.
You know how when you lift up big things and some are heavy? Why are they heavy? How are they heavy? One of the obvious reasons is it has a lot of pressure. There are other reasons why. Like when you’re carrying a backpack, it can be heavy for one reason: You put a lot of stuff in it or heavy stuff in it. Moving a table will take some time if you are doing it yourself because it has a lot of pressure and made out of wood usually, but if it’s a small table, you will be done in no time. School chairs are kind of heavy because they have some pressure, but home chairs can be really heavy because of all the pressure and there made of hard material. Couches are heavy even though there soft but just because it’s soft doesn’t mean it’s not really heavy. The weight depends on size. Weight = How much you weigh. For example if you weigh 150 pounds and stand on little chair you can break it. Pounds is your weight. Even though you’re bigger and stronger than your little brother/sister doesn’t mean he/she isn't heavy. Carrying 10 big books will be kind of heavy because of the books pressure and the amount you’re carrying. If you’re going to carry stuff to another area and there big, then take very little of the item at a time. Moving to other places take some time because of the stuff you need to carry from your house, and some stuff are really heavy which can slow you down, so i suggest that you take your time. Dense is what can make things heavy, dense is when you put different things/parts together to create 1 object so it can make it heavier and better. Student chairs in schools are dense but not as dense as other chairs. Books are also dense because of the amount of pages inside the book. The pages in books can be different sometimes, some are really white and soft.
Last Names
By, Heaven, Jorja, Tyson and kiera

The main reason is your ancestor’s last name. So easily they just had the same last name. 2 people can have the same last name but not be related. There are some things that increase the possibility of having that the same last name like, if the last name is rare, if the last name is hard to spell or if its refers to a small town.  There are some things that can decrease the chance of being related like, if the last name is common like smith or baker, if the last name is a color thing or place like small, if the last name refers to a first name like john or Anderson. You are not related to everyone with the same last name. It’s also very possible for you to be related to someone with a different last name, it maybe your part of family changed their last name, or you could have step parents and step siblings that have a different last name as you but you’re still related.  if your last name is smith your ancestors were black smiths. If Carter they were carters. The same with sawyer, bakers were baker

What Were the First Roller Skates Made Out Of?
                                   Anya, Alison
Skates were developed in1743. Original skates were debuted at a London Theater. They had wood rollers to move the actor across the stage. Earlier roller skates had wheels of wood, plastic, or steel, arranged in pairs. Modern-day in-line skates have wheels made out of polyurethane plastic. Polyurethane is a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. 
How do you get pink eye.?
Tye, Matthew. P and Peyton

You can get pink eye from someone else. Pink is a rare thing to get. Conjunctivitis is a different name for pink eye. Pink eye is a term that may be scary. Pink eye is also called Conjunctivitis. Pink eye is common and spreads easily. You should never share personal items such as wash cloth hand towels or tissues and avoid rubbing or touching your eyes. For getting to wash your hands and touching your eyes. Pink eye is a non-common infection. Pink eye looks disgusting. The most common way of getting pink eye is from a cold.

Why do leaves only change colors in the fall?
Matthew H, Mason, Harper, Moody

The chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down in the fall. Chlorophyll is the green pigments in the leaves. The chlorophyll breaks down because there is not enough lite and water. Not all leaves change color in the fall. The leaves usually change color in North America. Trees maintain three types of pigments. The three pigments are carotene, anthocyanin, and photosynthetic. Pine needles stay green all year around. If the leaves stay on the tree for more than a year the leave turns brown in the fall. Also if it is to hot the leaves will turn brown and when the leave falls of the tree it turns brown. For years scientists have tried the find the changes that has happened to the trees. Some leaves can fall when they are green. Different trees the leaves can turn different colors. Leaves can change color even when it is not fall. Tannins are the brown color in leaves.

Why do we have allergies?
 By: Emma Marlene and Keely !!!!!!!! J L

People have allergic reactions to things because the immune system mistakes the thing that you are allergic to for a serious threat, that’s why the body try’s to sometimes sneeze it out.  Your risk of developing an allergy starts in your genes. If your parents have an allergy to something than you might be eligible to having that allergy too.  For some reason, people who are allergic to peanuts can also be allergic to tree nuts, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, pecans, and cashews. The body's immune system normally fights infection. But, when someone is allergic to tree nuts or peanuts, the immune system overreacts to proteins in these foods. Some symptoms of an allergic reactions are: wheezing, coughing, sneezing, trouble breathing, hives, diarrhea, swelling, stomachache, vomiting, watery and red eyes, throat tightening and many more. Some cases of allergies you can die from because you throat starts to close (this is only in the most severe cases). You can be allergic to more than one thing at a time. There are certain medications that you can be allergic to. The body can be allergic to anything.

Why do your bones hurt when you get cold? 
By Jenson, Ben, Cody and Braydon

Your bones will hurt because all you can feel is the cold. When you’re in the cold you feel a crunching feeling. The weather hurts your joints. Cold weather makes your bones stiff. It’s worse if you have Arthritis. It hurts more if you’re older. You can get cancer from being in the cold. To get rid of the pain you use Analgesics. There is no cure for bone cancer. Drinking milk will help with the pain. It’s also called Myelofibrosis. It affect’s hips knees elbows shoulders hands. You can get a doll ache. A doll ache is a bad pain. Drinking milk helps by making your bones stronger. If you work out a lot you can avoid bone pain. Whole grain cereal helps by having fibre. A medicine called Chondroitin. Another way to help the pain is taking a walk every day. The main thing to help is to work out.      

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