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SOLE March 26

Why Can’t Kids Vote? 

 Emily, Keely, Kiera and Alison

Kids can’t vote because if were to vote in gr.2 and they haven’t learned anything about government yet, they would not know who they are voting for or what the person is going to be like if they win. In Austria you have to be 16 years old to vote. In japan you have to be 20 years old to vote. In Oshawa, at 18 years old you legally become an adult and you are allowed to vote. Politicians think kids are not important enough to vote before the age of 18. Adults think kids aren’t smart enough to vote before they legally become an adult. Some kids are not mature enough to vote. Just because some kids aren’t mature enough to vote, it doesn’t mean other kids are not mature. We looked on a debate voting website about whether kids should vote or not, and a lot of other people did agree kids should vote. The results of the vote was 65% yes and 35% no. At one point in life women were not allowed to vote like children aren’t allowed to vote today. Women were not allowed to vote until the early 19 hundreds. Women were not allowed to vote until the early 19 hundreds because, men thought women weren’t important enough to make such a big decision, much like how kids aren’t allowed to vote because adults don’t think they are that important.

Why Do We Need Food, Water & Air?
 By: Grace& Heaven

Living things need water, food & air to survive. It is essential to the process which produces energy to keep us alive Energy can’t be made without a source, that source is the food we eat The food is filled with different chemicals that when they break down , they turn into  energy Water takes place in breaking down nutrients. Without water the cells break down and experience severe damage. Air is important because it has oxygen, which is a component of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the process where living things obtain energy food contains nutrients that we need the nutrients replace old cells we need food just like a car needs gas, we can’t run without it. All cells need oxygen, they are making carbon dioxide, your blood carries your oxygen from the lungs to all the cells and it takes back all the carbon dioxide. breathing in & out air brings in oxygen and takes out carbon dioxide 60% of the human body is water each day your body must congest up to 2.4 litres of water , through liquids and foods We get clean water from lakes. Oxygen is air we breathe when hungry we eat food Water quenches thirst           Mammals need water to survive a humans body is 60% water our brains are made out of 70% water and your lungs are 90% water. Food gives you energy to work throughout the day. You need food to survive for nutrition without proper nutrition you can’t survive you need various foods for fuel and nutrition For example you need minerals hormones, build bones and regulate potassium Examples of minerals are calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine and copper. Water is also important in your diet. You need oxygen to breathe the oxygen travels to your lungs and you inhale. When you exhale the air travels out of your lungs you need the oxygen to make your lungs work. When you exhale, the air is called carbon dioxide When you inhale the air is put into your circulation

Will the World End Some Day ?

Mason, Moody, Jorja, Matthew

People will sell their stuff if they here the world will end. People believe in the world ending and some don’t. Some scientists believe that the world will turn dark. People thought the world was going to end in 2012. NASA thinks the world will end in 2032. People don’t actually know if the world will end or not. People believe they go to heaven when the world ends. You can’t undo the big bang it is impossible. A bible says the world will end in 2016. The world will probably end in 3000 or higher. They say the world will end with a big asteroid. Some think the sun will go out and there will be pure darkness. Christens believe that the world will end. The world could change a lot and end the earth. People who believe in Jesus believe the world will be saved. People believe robots will take over the world. People in space can destroy the world. People say the world can end by a Nuke. People believe that animals will stay alive even when the world ends. People say it will end by a nuclear war. People are finding signs for when the world ends.



The Mpemba effect was discovered in 1963. A Tanzanian student noticed that hot ice cream mix freezes faster than a cold one. Ideas for the Mpemba effect are: faster evaporation of hot water, which reduces the amount left to freeze.

What is Pneumonia?

Emma Matt. P Anya Lindsay

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs and it is caused by bacteria. Pneumonia can develop in the lungs from an infection. In the U.S.A more than 3 million people catch pneumonia each year. About 70% of people get treatment in the hospital for pneumonia but the other 30% of them don’t.  If you have pneumonia, there will be pus sacs in your lungs. Although it is a virus and most viruses are contagious pneumonia is not because it is a fungi kind of virus. Pneumonia can be very dangerous especially if the person is already weak or a child. This disease is very deadly for a lot of people. The symptoms of pneumonia are: chills and high fever, high heart rate, headaches, loss of appetite, mood swings, low blood pressure, lots of coughing with yellow or green mucus coming up, vomiting, joint pain, chest pain, sometimes the skin will be blue from lack of oxygen. Swelling: narrows the airway decreasing air flow. Mucus: increases reducing air space. Pneumonia is deadly if it is not treated within 3 days. Pneumonia can be treated but only in the hospital with proper care and proper medicine.

Why do we have Nightmares? 

By: James & Harper.

Nightmares can be caused by bad stuff that happened to you recently. Can also be caused by something scary you saw/read about. Nightmares are scary dreams. Something scary that you think that might happen to you. Nightmares can be caused randomly. Nightmares can be caused of something bad that you think that could happen to your family. Nightmares can be caused if you’re nervous of something. Nightmares can be caused if people were bullying you and you are worried of them doing it again. Nightmares can be caused if you’re staying up for too long at night. Nightmares can be caused if you’re feeling unconformable in your bed. If you were having a bad day you could have a nightmare. Nightmares can happen in the future. Nightmares can be someone that you know and hate and he is a bully. If you have a nightmare, try and count to 10 that usually work.
Where is Newfoundland?
By Josh and Peyton

Newfoundland is the largest island in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Canada. There are alot of bays and deep fjords along the coastline. Some ice/iceberg travel along the coastline. Newfoundland is one of Canada`s ten provinces. Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province in Canada and is located in North America. Their flag contains the colours: red, blue, white and yellow. Newfoundland is one of the most top ten nicest province in the world. Some people say that the houses in Newfoundland are more detailed than any other province..

How Do Stores Get Food Like Meat, Milk And Other Things?
By  Braydon, Ben, Cody and Jenson

People will sometimes ship food from other countries for the stores. People that own the store go to a farmer and get their meat and milk from the farmer. Sometimes the owner grows food like fruits to sell at their store. Some of the food has fat and artificial sugar. Some people buy food from a store and resell at their own store. Some stores like Walmart and Costco get billions of dollar a year. Some people that don’t get the money to buy new food they get old food and resell it. Some store owners can have a cow of their own to get the milk for their store.Some people take the food home and then take it back. Stores have different options like fruit vegetables candy and chips a good store like Costco will have different options

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 10 SOLE

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

By: Jorja, Cody, Matthew P and Jumah

Life is not about video games, internet or your cool new cell phone etc. There are a lot of things, too many to list. You are lucky to have any life at all. It’s about learning and discovering new things. It is to be proud of you.  It means happiness and love. Life is a choice to do between the beginning and end. Evil is created by mad, selfish, angriness and envy etc. Life is about the start of life from death and your afterlife. It is up to find your gift to make you happy. Some people say that life has no purpose, which is not true. The meaning of life to give life a meaning to you personally.
These last 2 answers are if you believe in god. Life was made by God. It is about religiousness.

Why Do Some People Have Anger Issues?

Alison, Keely, Anya

The emotion of anger issues is neither good nor bad. It’s perfectly healthy and normal to feel angry when you’ve been mistreated or wronged. The feeling isn’t the problem with anger issues. The problem is what you do with it. Anger issues become a problem when it harms you or others. If you have a hot temper you may feel like it’s out of your hands and there’s a little you can do. You have more control over your anger than you think. You can learn to show your emotions without hurting others and when you do you’ll not only feel better you’ll also be more likely to get your needs met. Learning to control your anger and express it appropriately can help you build better relationships, achieve your goals a lead a healthier more successful life. You think that venting you anger is healthy that the people around you are too sensitive, that your anger is justified or that you need to show your fury to get respect. Out of the control anger hurts your physical health and your mental health and it hurts your career and your relationship with others as well. In order to get your needs met and express your anger in appropriate ways, you need to be in touch with what you are really feeling. Anger is often a cover-up from other feelings. If you are struggling with out of control anger you may be wondering why your fuse is so short. Is it hard for you to understand other people’s point of view but it is harder for them?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Why Is There A Full Moon Every 28 Days?

By Kiera, Heaven, Marlene and Emily
It takes the moon about 27.3 days to travel its orbit around the earth. With months being 28 to 31 days long it makes the full moon and new moon fall on different days of the month every year. There are different names for the moons like full wolf moon, full worm moon and lots more. It is hard to sleep when there is a full moon. The orbits of the sun, moon and earth line up in position to make a full moon. The reason why we do not see a full moon every day is because the earth is not always between the sun and the moon where you can see the fully lit side of the moon. The year 2000 to 2999 there are 12 368 full moons in 952 are in February. In 10 more days there will a full moon.  

Why do objects have to melt

By Grace and James

Only some objects can melt like ice. Ice melts when it gets to a temperature above 32 f, or 0 degrees Celsius. Not all objects can melt for example when a book gets hot it can’t melt. Ice melts because it’s actually water so it can turn back. Objects don’t have to melt. They can burn.

How is money made?

By: Harper Josh Braydon Lindsay

First bill was made out of paper. There are 1 dollar bills. There are Mexican coins where you can only use them in Mexico. There are 5$ 10$ 20$ 50$ 100$. they torn gold demons and steel into the midlevel times they traded coins for food.
People can get into fights over money. Money was owns wood.    
You can get money if you do your job you can get money. There are checks. There are different money in some contras. On money they pot President’s faces. If you get a good job you can get paid 100$ per hour.    

Why old TV shows are better than new TV shows.

They are better because they are old in like the 1960’s. Why are new TV Shows not better than old TV shows? Why does old shows have to be so good? And new shows aren’t. Just why. New shows could be so good and old shows could to. And old shows are so good that’s what my mom told me. And she said that new shows are still good but there not as good as the old shows. The only reason why is because that people invented them in 1950. The most ground-breaking series in the history of television lost came to an end at the end of the season. This makes or breaks a show.

Who Is Zeus?

Matthew H, Jenson, Moody, and Ben

Zeus is the god of thunder. Zeus was the youngest Olympian. Cronus his dad ate all his siblings except for Zeus. Zeus was raised in a cave. Zeus had a wife. Zeus’s siblings were Poseidon, Hades, and Demeter. Zeus ate his wife. Zeus’s mom died. Aegis was the name of Zeus’s shield. When Zeus blue up Cronus the hundred handers made him king of the gods. When the Olympian tried to over throw him he sent Poseidon and one other god to build the castle of Troy.

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Another SOLE

Why Are Children Forced To Fight In War?
Emily, Alison, Marlene and Keely

Children in war are called child soldiers. It is estimated 250,000 children are fighting in wars all over the world. It is thought 40% of children fighting in wars are girls. Child soldiers are active in at least 14 countries including India, Thailand, Colombia and more. Young girls are forced to marry soldiers. Many children are stolen from their families and forced to fight. Sometimes children have to kill their relatives so they can never return home. Africa has the most child soldiers. Kids can go into war as early as 6 years old. They are forced because bad people make them fight in wars so the other people don’t have to. Kids are forced to fight in wars because adults use the children as human shields so they don’t get hurt. Often kids are taken from their homes in the night when they are sleeping so they don’t know where they are going. They fight because adults are too afraid to so they get taken. Some kids volunteer to fight so their families are safe.

Where does water come from?

Grace, Heaven

Water builds up in the clouds causing precipitation which causes rain. Rain falls into the land and the extra rain that does not absorb into the soil or into the plants flows into the nearest rivers and oceans. The heat from the sun makes the plants transpire and the waterways evaporate again and fills the clouds with condensation again which that cycle keeps going on. Mostly everyone uses our like us and the animals and plants. Plants are important in the process of the water cycle. In BC people use up to 490 litres but here in Canada we use 330 litres of water a day. This water includes the water we drink, bathe in, wash our clothes in and our dishes and also for cooking. During the summer a mature pine tree consumes 20 litres of water a day . When people drink water, people are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The water we use in our home usually a ground water source such as wells, or a surface water source which is like lakes, oceans, rivers and more Some water is clean water and some is dirty. We are very lucky to have clean water unfortunately some places don’t for instance Africa has dirty water. In Africa they have to travel to get water and we just have to turn on a tap. Water falls from the sky that is called rain, rain happens when the water from oceans and goes up to the cloud it is called evaporation. We need to pay for water and it is expensive. In Africa they can get killed by water monsters such as alligators and others. The worst thing is sometimes kids go to get the water and then get killed. Sometimes if there are no lakes or rivers they have to go to oceans and in oceans there are more deadly animals like hippos’ crocodiles and deadly fish. In 2012 there was a story that a little girl had went to get water and feed some of her animals and almost got eaten by a crocodile but her animals got eaten. She got away safe and scared. Her family just heard

Why are video games addictive? 
Cody Moody Peyton Kiera

Role playing games allow players to do more than just play they get to actually create characters. Video games are fun so you want to play them a lot.

 Video games are very addicting. Video games mess up your brain. Popular games are GTA, COD BO2, Dead Rising 3, Dead pool, Assassins Creed Unity, and Minecraft. One of the first games was pong Video games are addicting because there is a lot of action. The first ever game brand was Nintendo. If you play some video games for two days straight you could be blind. If you sit and play video games 24 7 you can be brainwashed. You can tell if someone has been playing a lot because of their work. Most people get Play Stations. 


By: Jorja, Matt P, Tyson, Harper

One of the reason is something called Melanim, the pigmented tissue of the hair. Melanim are the stuff in your hair which naturally colors it. It is combined of your parents color so on and so on. Since our hair and nail are made of our dead skin cells your skin color will affect your hair color. Ancestors if your ancestors were Swedish you probably have blonde hair. We get grey when we get very old. If French probably had black or brown. If your hair color is chestnut color you have lots people as your ancestors.

How do birds fly?
By: Josh, Baron, Anya   

Air gets above and under the wings. It needs thrust, thrust is created by flapping its wings. A bird and airplane the same because air gets over and under the plane and bird. Bird have different port of their wings to help them fly. Smell birds have smell wings because if they have big wings they cannot fly that well. If you cut their wings it will fly. Birds have got to have strong muscles. They have bones in their wings. They all have different sizes to soot the birds flying ablates to fly. Birds have strong lags.           

What Causes Waves in the Ocean 

Matthew H, Mason, Tye, Jumah

Wind can cause waves. The wave size depends on how fast the wind blows and how much water the wave travels over. The difference between a wave and a tsunami is a tsunami is created by an earthquake under water. Waves can be small peaceful waves or waves that create floods. There are different types of waves like tidal waves, and tsunamis and there is many more. Some waves are created by storms. 

Autism Research


Autism is a medical condition people are born with. There is no sign of autism when someone is first born but autism is noticeable in the first 2-3 years of someone’s life. Family members often have autism that runs through their family and sometimes autism could be passed down through your parent’s genes. The short form for autism is ASD, ASD stands for autism spectrum disability. Autism starts in early brain development and takes place when the brain is developed differently. Autism is a disorder of the brain developing and is the most the most common condition of a disorder. The way people with autism fell, smell, think, hear, learn and even play may be hard for them to do. People with autism sometimes have difficulty communicating, forming relationships and using language.  
About 1 for every 1000 people will get Autism. It is estimated in the U.S.A 1 out of 42 boys will get autism and 1 out of 190 will get Autism. Some people with autism could be sensitive to loud noises or sensitive to other things to. Some people with autism might not know how to act in certain situations or might not know how to react to stuff that has happened to them. 

People with autism see the whole world differently and sometimes even fell like they don’t belong.


By grace

Autism is a mental disability it is when you can’t learn the same way as others, sometimes you get a laptop if you have autism. It is a learning disability that mostly boys can only get rarely girls can get it, you get diagnosed at the age of 2-3 years old Parents noticed the signs at the age of two. Some people say it can make you more sensitive and Yes it can sometimes you have autism your feelings get hurt but for some people it doesn’t affect their behavior as much as others. It is not something you can get during life it does not travel through air or is contagious, so don’t worry if you have it you cannot give it to someone else. It is something you are born with and have for the rest of your life. There is no cure for autism you can get help like for instance some teachers in school they can help you calm down and protect you from hurting yourself. It can affect your brain, behavior and balance they sometimes lose control of their body, may be sensitive to loud sounds, might know how to react in different situations sometimes repeat statements and cannot control emotions might not understand sarcasm or jokes there are many forms like: stereotyping, compulsive, sameness, ritual active. Only about 1-1000 people get it which means it is pretty rare.
Different names for autism: aspbergers. They don’t liked being touched but Kids with ASD like to touch other people. Autism can make a kid have some energy. Research shows that the brain is an issue in autism. Asperger is one of the types of autism. Compulsive behavior is fallowing rules such as arranging items in specified order every time which basically means that you have to fallow the same order of where things go and how you do things. Restricted to when you focus on things and Sameness is the resistance to move. SPD is not autism it is sensory processing disorder. Self-injury is when a person gets mad at them self and pokes at skin and injures them self. Autistic refers to the person, autism refers to the mental disability. It is connected to your jeans, which means it is connected to your family maybe your grandfather has it or farther back in time. Jeans is another term for family tree. People with autism need toys to help them calm down and Affected the nerve cells in the brain and they might prefer to be alone. 40 % of the kids with autism are smart. The other 60% have lots of trouble. 

You can get bullied lots if you have autism, Lots of people try to stop bulling because of autism and have not yet found a way to stop it, I think that if you don’t bully people than you are putting in an effort to stop bulling. So when you think about it if everyone does that then no one will get bullied. Maybe if it did affect your looks that would be why some people bully them but it does not.

                   Can it effect you when you are born?

 Some people think it can affect your looks and no it cannot, if someone with autism did not have it they would same. Some people think autism affects your body formation when you are born but it cannot. It can’t make you have 9 toes or 1 arm and bent wrists but it can affect your learning and your social life.
By: Jorja
When They Are Born To Age 2
All children that are born with it, its 100% impossible for it to be contagious. There is no sign of autism when autistic children are born. Most children with autism get treatment with age. It is extremely rare for a child with autism to come with birth affects. If a child has not said any repetitively staking or lining things up is a common sign of autism. words 16 months or under is a sign of autism, between 2 and 16 months have no two words or small phrases is a sign of autism.  Self-injury is a sign of autism (banging head, hitting themselves, scratching themselves etc.) you can’t tell if someone has autism but just looking. Makes little eye contact. 1 in 1000 people that live in the UK have autism. There is no cure.
About autistic kids that are about 3-9
Parents usually find out if their child has autism at age 3. There are movie theaters opening for autistic children. Some autistic kids get millstones at same age at other kids. Often are targets for bullies, for their lack of understanding some things. It is harder for autistic kids to communicate with others.
Brain/ thinking
Research show that brain activity is a problem with autism. Autism has an effect on the brain. There is no cure for autism (that anyone has discovered yet) but can be helped. It happens more to boys than girls. Stereotyping is a sign of autism.  Another name for autism is ASD (autism spectrum disability)
Features of Autism
You can’t tell someone has by looking at them. Children with autism often are not interested with any other people (besides their family). They make little or no eye contact and don’t like being touched. They have a different reaction if someone tickles them. They sometimes repeat statements.  From an early age they have trouble with language. They might not understand jokes or sarcasm. It can affect their learning abilities. They might not know how to react in certain situations. Kids with autism can’t control their emotions. It can’t happen as you get older. There are many types of Autism. Each may affect each person differently than another person. Sometimes they gets angry over little things. It can make a kid have extra energy. Some need toys to calm them down. Autistic kids are targets for bullies for their lack of understanding of their surroundings. If older family members (like parents) have had it you have a better chance of getting it

You get autism through your genes. It affects by the nerve cells in the brain. About 40% of people with autism are very smart. The other 60% have other disabilities


By Jumah

 Autism is not a disease nor is it contagious, so you have to be BORN with autism to have it can be noticed in the first two years of life Sometimes people with autism like to stack objects. The rate of autism is estimated to be about 1-2 people every 1,000 people; so if YOU have autism, your special! It appears to be five times more often among boys than girls... weird, huh? Kids with high founcsonig autism suffer more from loneliness… hmm… yeah, I like to have a friend with me a lot. A lot of evidence point’s people to believe autism is caused by synaptic dysfunction. Exposure to pollution heavy metals and particles during pregnancy increases the chance of autism. US and Japan screen the children for signs of you know what. There are different types of autism- like, Aspergers. People with autism might not exactly recognise sarcasm or understand jokes. Sometimes they repeat statements, like, do you know how much I want to make your face A-symmetrical right now? A lot. They miiiiiiiight have a bit of a problem playing sports. I’m kind of bad at soccer in particular. In Early childhood they could struggle learning to speak. Some people with autism have trouble controlling their emotions. Some might be sensitive to loud noises. It can’t be cured but CAN be helped. No 2 people with autism are the same. It’s in your JEANS! Wait, oh, THOSE genes! Some autistic kids have a lot of energy. I’M BOUNCIN OFF THE WALLS HERE!
The weird thing about this project for me is that I have autism. So I got a chance to see some explanations to some problems with me. The answers: autism. Well, keep calm and ESAPE THE LAG!!!*technical difficulties* keep calm and wind that music box! Wait… oh-no… YAAAAAAAAAAAA-*Static**technical difficultytis*


by Emma

Autism is a brain disorder that affects 1 in 68 people in the US. Scientists say that autism is both environmental and genetic. Autism is first noticed at the age of 2 but you are born with it. You can’t catch autism because it is not contagious nor a disease. You must be born with autism to have it. There is no cure for autism but they have identified symptoms. Some of the symptoms of autism are they will have almost no eye contact at all.

People with autism don’t like to be touched or hugged like other children do. In some cases they will have trouble making friends with the people they meet. They also have trouble concentrating when there is a task that needs to be done. People with autism have trouble showing their emotions, but they do feel all the emotions that we do they just have trouble expressing them to others. They also lack in empathy. Sometimes people with autism have trouble putting meaningful words into sentences. One of the most common symptoms of autism it that they will repeat the same words over and over again uncontrollably. Some people with mild cases of autism have to go on medication because they can’t control their emotions. Sometimes they will throw fits because they can’t control how they feel and can’t control their emotions. People with autism don’t speak a lot.

Unschooling article responses.

Recently we read an article about why one family practices unschooling. You can read the article here.

Below are the students responses to the article.

I like this article because it is true kids do learn in nature. I think that it is okay to unschool kids and they can learn at young age. The kids are learning stuff that they would usually learn when they get older but it’s better to learn it early. Then they will know how to do stuff when they are older. I think it’s normal for kids to learn this way. I like it because it would be fun to drive a tractor and miss school. I dislike it because some stuff you won’t learn at home that you do in school. I can picture myself as one of the kids staying home and not going to school.

I do agree with this article because I think kids have a better chance with their parents teaching them or letting kids figure stuff out on their own so they will have a better chance in life on their own. I also disagree with this article a bit because kids should have the right to choose if they want to go to school or not. If they say they want to go to school already at the age of 3 that is totally different because they don’t know what school is yet. But if they were saying they want to go to school at the age of 6-8 then they would likely know what school is and then it would be a good time to make their decision. But I also disagree more with this article because in the article it says the boys have not learned to read till they were 8 and 9 and I think the parents should have gave more support on reading with them because if they were in school they would have learned how to read in kindergarten.  I do agree with the part where they said. If you want your child to be responsible you have to give them responsibility and if you want them to be trustworthy you have to trust them. Some kids lead by example so if u give them trust, responsibility and more, then the kids will follow your example and will do good in life and be a leader. And that is how I agree and disagree with this article.
I agree with this because kids should not always be leaning the same subjects because not everyone likes art and we don’t really need to learn art some kids like math so they should us math and learn about something that don’t really like art so they could us math and could be learning about art.  Unschooling is hard to do and to be in.  There are many kids that have unschooling in their life.  They want kids to lean different thing when unschooling.  Unscoolng can be fun.  Kids learn better when they are on their own.  You need to trust them to be on their own.  Not a lot of kids and parents lime unschooling.  Not a lot of ids are in unschooling.
I think that this article is really important because if parents read this article than it could encourage them to home school their kids. If parents can’t send their kids to public school they can just home school their kids so that their kids can be ejected. Not every kid can go to public school, and if parents read this article then they can home school their kids if they don’t think that their kids can be home schooled. It’s much easier for parents that have jobs at home to home school their kids. Every kid needs ejection and if some kids can’t go to public school than their parents can home school them so that when their kids are older they will have ejection that they need to get a job.     
I disagree with this article because I believe that kids should go to school to get a proper education so that they can go to college or university to get a good job that pays well. I also believe that kids should not even be home schooled because their parents have not gone to university and get their degree as a teacher and they also don’t have work to hand out or supplies to help the children. And even if they did have some supplies they wouldn’t be able to teach as well as an educated teacher would. So there for it would be better for the child to go to school so that way when they want to go to college or university they will understand the work and they won’t be behind the other kids because you can’t afford to be behind in college or university.
I agree that kids should be unschooled cause if you are learning from nature than you will be able to grow up in your community and be more safe and helpful to others in your community. I also think it is a good idea cause you can learn life skills and still learn math and other skills, it can also affect how you act around people if you don’t see other people than you will get used to the same people like in a classroom your always around the same class mates and not changing it up every day. If you are unschooled than you get to stay in a big community and talk to new people.

I don’t like how long it was but it was interesting and a little fun to do something different then SOLE or math. I liked how the article was talking back to each other. It got a little boring after the first half or it. How do you learn math. You will become lazy. You won’t learn the important things in life.
I agreed with it and I like this article because in the last answer it said if you want your child to be responsible you have to give them responsibility and also it said if you want your child to be trustworthy you have to trust them and I think that was a very good article.
I don’t agree with the article because I think kids need to go to school to make friends and get a good job. When a kid goes to school learn about stuff that they might need to know in life.

I liik the autacl becos  2-it is a good Ida 1-ti is good way to loun
I like the article because unschooling is a good idea. It is a good way for kids to learn.
They learn at an early age. The parents provide almost no instruction. They learn best when in a community in there environment. I would not want to be in that situation because you are not being taught and you have to learn by yourself. also that when they want to go to high school if they were being unschooled that they would be behind because they were not at school and missed a lot of things like if they learn to hunt and stuff like that in high school it wouldn’t matter but I would not want to be unschooled.
I like how the writer wrote it and all he said it all and the words are actually true, I think. But the article is amazing and I really like it because of all the detail and how he put the Q & A thing. But what I don’t like is how long it is but it is really interesting. I also do not know if it is harder than normal school or not.
I don’t agree BECAUSE I don’t think that kid should just skip school because school has a good education system and it is better than just learning for yourself. It would be bad because you wouldn’t be able to get a job and because I wouldent e able to talk to my friends because they would be at school.
Also the teachers would be fired because nobody would come to school.
I agree with it because I think kids need school because kid will not get a job or nothing to survive and the parents need to go to work well kid are learning stuff and the parents cannot do that at the sometime and there should be buses because if they live far away from a school or a store they have to walk
I’m not sure… part of me says it’s a good idea- and the other half thinks: what if he crosses a bear in the forest? Will he know if it’s friendly or not? No.
I agree with them because some subjects you don’t really need. Most of this makes sense and some of it does not. This article is about kids not going to school and how some parents home school their children. I think this article proves a point some parents unschool their kids because of bullying but I have never heard of any home school their children for the subjects.  But I think kids should go to school but don’t need some subjects.
I thought this article was sort of interesting because some parts of it were boring and some of the other ones were interesting. I agree with most of it because some parts I don’t understand, if I knew and understood most of the stuff I didn’t understand I could probably agree with all of it. All the parts that I highlighted I agree with others I didn’t think were important and others I didn’t understand. I mostly agree with these sentences.
Matthew H
I agree and disagree. I agree because it would do kids good in life to stay home and do work. I disagree because kids would not get to get new friends and they will not learn lots of sports and other subjects. I liked it because it is detailed and it talks about kids don’t have to walk to school or sit in a desk almost all day. Plus the kids will be at home in a respectful environment where kids can’t get picked on. Kids also with learning disabilities and normal kids will be in an environment that they are used to and like. The article is a pretty good article over all.  I like that for unschooling the parents have to trust their kids. I like that kids would probably learn more unschooling. Unschooling is a chance to learn how to work when they get older. Unschooling can give a lot of skills and take a lot of skills. Unschooling is a good way to learn how to live.
Matthew P.
I like this the story because an 8 year old and a 9 year old are leaning without school. They are teaching them self to learn math and sentience. It is good that they are leaning well without school. It is a good story because the two boys are leaning and that they will learn from their mistakes.    
That kids can’t skip school without school you can’t learn and you won’t get a job if you don’t go to school you won’t get money I don’t like it case you need school to learn
This article tells a lot about things that children can do. I say that I agree to this article because learning is good. You can go to school and you don’t have to go to school. You still learn from it and it provides few opportunities for them. To be trusted so they can learn more things. Unschooling may sound fun but if you don’t go to school you can’t get a proper education and then you won’t get a good job or things like that. I don’t agree with this article and you should go to school so you can live a good life. If you’re Unschooling you’re learning more about the environment. If I was unschooling I would not get a proper education.

I liked that they added detail to the article. I disliked that they wrote to much in the article. Fin and rye don’t go to school. I liked that they added detail. I disliked that they had too much.