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November 26 SOLE

Why Do We Slip On Wet Surfaces?

When it is wet you have no friction. The wetness makes the grip smaller and you slip. When your grip wears off it slips easier. The dampness gets in your shoe and it can wear down over time. When it is wet mud comes out then you slip on the mud on the ground. The rough bottom of your shoe gets filled with water then you slip. Over time your grip wears off. Water is more slippery on different surfaces. You slip depending on how you walk. It all depends on the friction your shoe and the ground creates.

Why Do We Dream?

Emily, Kiera, Keely and Marlene

The brain incorporates memories and solves problems and deals with emotions. Your dream is your sub-conscious reviewing your day or week. Scientists have been trying to find the answer to why people dream for decades, but they still are not 100% sure. When people dream they will never dream about a person they don’t know. Dead family members can visit you in your dreams. You can have dreams but you might not remember them when you wake up.
Incorporates is a verb used with object.
You can have control over your dreams.

What is Altruism?
By Alison Anya Jorja Grace
 Altruism is the Belief of others wellbeing, risking your life for someone is spending your life taking care of others and putting others needs before yours. Taking care of the needs of others it can also make kids feel more connected to their school. It means not to be selfish and giving time energy and money to people in need every day there are acts of altruism

Example of altruism is:
Donating money to the needy

Is It Disgusting to Eat Insects?
Eating insects is considered disgusting but in other country’s 2 billon people consume insects on a regular daily basis. The most popular country that eats bugs is Thailand and Japan; fried bugs are commonly served with beer. There are many countries that eat bugs such as Ghana, Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands and many more. It may be disgusting in some countries but in many other countries it is normal to eat bugs and they consider it not disgusting but quite tasty. There are different types of bugs they eat such as fried crickets, 3.5 inch long water beetles, bamboo worm, French fried caterpillars and ant eggs. Some people drink the juices of insects. Bugs are high in protein and low in fat

How did the dinosaurs die?

Many people believe that dinosaurs have been killed by diseases, earthquakes, drowning, change in climate, ice age, volcanos, age, cosmic explosions, and starvation meteor showers and by the other dinosaurs eating them.  But many scientists don’t know how they actually died. Meteors are like big balls of moon chunks and when it hit the ground it explodes. A cosmic explosion is when a dying star fall and explodes.  Scientists believe the earth flooded and killed all the dinosaurs then froze and caused the ice age. By dying from volcanos the lava has been siting waiting to explode all over the place. Scientists don’t actually know how they died they only have theories (guess). Many people believe that there were earthquakes that came and killed all the dinosaurs.

Do Fish Feel Pain?
Mason, Peyton, Tye, Jumah, Lindsay,

Some people say fish can feel pain; some say they can’t feel pain. The Answer is they feel pain, because they have pain receptors in there brain which makes them feel pain. Fish feel pain when they get hooked on their upper jaw, lower jaw, and in the eye. Fish don’t feel pain the way that we feel pain when we get hurt. The most pain the fish feel is when they are getting boiled or cooked when there alive. Humans and fish both have pain receptors but humans have more receptors so that’s why humans feel more pain instead of fish. Fish feel pain when they are getting eaten by sharks and other animals that eat fish. If fish did not have pain receptors they would not be able to feel pain. Fish have to feel pain because all animals needs to feel pain.

Is it more dangerous to fly an airplane or drive?


In the United States. When people drive there is an average of 1.27 deaths for every 100 million miles driven.

When people traveled by airplane in the US, there where 20 accidents in total which works out to about 0 accidents per million flying miles. No one even died. 

The odds of dying in a car accident are 1 in 98 for a lifetime. The odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 7,178 for a lifetime according to an odds-of-dying table in 2008.

Monday, November 24, 2014

SOLE, Food For Thought

Emily, Ben, Peyton and James
Can carrots improve your eyesight?
Carrots won’t improve your eyesight if you have less than perfect vision. Carrots won’t give blind people perfect eyesight but there are vitamins found in carrots that help eye health. In Middle Ages carrots were believed to cure anything. Carrots cannot improve vision but they are a good source of vitamin A. There is no food that can improve eyesight including carrots. In Ww2 Britain’s air ministry started to spread the word that eating carrots helps your vision to see at night.

Why do leaves turn different colors?


There are cells in every leaf that give the leaf its green colour. The chemical in the leaf takes in all the sunlight and take in energy. They and transforms by using the carbon dioxide and water and carbohydrates, such as sugars and starch. A leaf has green pigments and yellow pigments .there is also orange pigments. Pigments are natural colouring of animals or plants. Carbohydrates are compounds such as sugars, starches and cellulose

How Do Plants Grow From Seeds? 

Each seed contains a tiny plant inside that will grow over time. The plan waits inside the seed until its ready to grow also seeds are very small When seeds are planted the grow roots. There are three things plants need to grow sunlight food and water. Plants use photosynthesis to convert energy into food. Seed germination is a process by which a seed embryo develops into a seedling. Some seeds have no embryo

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Jenson, Matthew, Jumah
 To get water from the other side. To get food from the other side. To get away from predators. To just get to the other side. To go and breed. To get to their chicks. To prove he wasn’t a chicken. To get away from poachers. To get home. So it doesn’t get cooked. To get stuff for shelter. Because I chased it with my deep fryer.

Why Do Food Have Different Tastes?

Tastes buds are what make you tastes the foods that you eat.  Everyone has 4 types of tastes bud. The 4 tastes buds are sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Tastes buds are little bumps. There are1000s of bumps. The tastes buds are on your tongue. Are tastes buds are a big part of how we tastes foods.  Are foods have different tastes because every food has a flavor of its own.       

Why do some foods have fat in them?

Tran’s fats are east to use to produce and last a long time. Trans fat give food good taste and texture. Many restaurants and fast food places use trans-fat. You should avoid trans-fat it is bad for your heart. Tran’s fat can give you heart disease. Tran’s fat raises cholesterol if you eat it. If you eat too much fat you can get heart stroke. Foods have fat in them because it makes the food taste better

Another SOLE

What is foot fungus?
By Matthew Lindsay Braydon
Athlete’s foot also called tinea pedis is a fungal infection of the foot It cause peeling redness and inching burning and sometimes blisters and sores. Athlete’s foot is a very common infection. The fungus grows best in a warm moist environment such as shoes, socks, swimming pools, locker rooms, and the floors of public showers. It is most common in the summer and in warm, humid climates. It occurs more often in people who wear tight shoes and who use community bathes and pools
Why Was Smoking Invented?
By: James, Jorja, Jumah, and Keely
On October 15, 1492, Christopher Columbus was offered a little bit of dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the American Indians that he encountered. Smoking was originally made for Indians. Many Indians were offered tobacco and some humans were. In the 1600’s tobacco was so popular and they were good as gold (literally) but then it got worse in our times. It’s so bad it now causes cancer in our days and since that happen, most kids say: Why did they invent smoking even though its so bad?

How are video games made??
Sooooooooooooooooooo, you wanna make a video game, HUH? well DO YOU??!! Sorry that happens sometimes… *clears throat* well, long story short, it’s hard. First things first. Three words. Story. World. Characters. If you make levels first, things could potentially turn into a bomb of budget loss, and problems. Coding- there are many video game making software programs so there is less coding. The more complicated the game is, the more coding. The better the graphics, the more advanced the coding gets. And writing code from scratch, usually = better game.            

                    Persuasive writing
*Topic video games
*Video games the most fun thing for some people. People think video games make people think of things like they are playing call of duty so they think everybody is like a bad person.
*Video games are good because People get lots of hand to eye coordination with their thumb because they move their thumb a lot.
*Video games can make you think fast like if a guy jumps out at you can stop him from attacking you because you are always being jumped out at.
*Video games can make you good at mind games.
*Conclusion video games are good for you for many different reasons


November 20 SOLE

How Does WIFI Work?

WIFI stand for wireless fidelity. It uses microwave signals to link to another computer or websites. WIFI works almost anywhere in the world. A person can walk room to room on the internet with WIFI. There were five people who made WIFI here are their names: Terrance Percival, John Deane, Graham Daniels, Diethelm Ostry and John O’Sullivan. WIFI is a high speed internet connection without the use of cable and wires. The technology uses radio to transmit to your computer or router.    

Why Does Fats Taste So Good in Foods?
By: James Swaine…

The main reason fats taste so good is because the fats mostly helps you on enjoying the type of flavor of food and tasting. But how does fat do that? The main reason is because they are able to dissolve and concrete flavor and odor chemicals. And of course the fat foods have a very special mouth feel, that’s basically one of the reasons why fats taste so good. Our bodies also absorb the fat foods at a very slow rate. And the fats use that special mouth feel to make it taste so good.

Why were Vikings houses built the way they were? By: Jorja, Keely, Alison, Matthew.P

Vikings had to find local materials to make their houses. They had about 30 to 50 people in each house. Viking houses had one room with cooking fire in the middle. Their houses were also named longhouses (but not the Wendat type longhouse)
Their houses were made out of wood stone or blocks of turf (roof). One half of the house was for people and the other part was for animals. The main building was up to 30 meters long. They slept on raised platforms. Most Vikings lived in long houses. Their roof was made out of grass because enemies would not see their house. Poor Vikings houses were made of a mixture of wet soil, clay, animal poo and straw.

  Why was Alcatraz made?
Jenson, Moody, Braydon, Jumah

The name Alcatraz is derived from the Spanish word alcatraces.  in 1775 the Spanish explorer Juan Manuel. Alcatraz was a civil war base. In 1917 it was a WW1 prison. In 1934 it was opened as a federal penitentiary for the worst prisoners in America. If you went exploring the Island it would take lots of time to finish.  Alcatraz is beside the golden gate bridge. The famous prisoners were Al Capone, The Birdman of Alcatraz, Machine Gun Kelly. Family’s of people on Alcatraz get to visit 1 time a month. Some people that escaped were:  Morris and John Anglin, also Frank Morris escaped with the Angling brothers. People said that they escaped by a homemade raft but there was a boat that was not authorised to be there.  The life jackets were found on Angel Island and out on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

                         Why Do Turtles Have Shells?
                         Matthew, Heaven, Cody, Anya

Turtles have shells to protect themselves. Turtles have shells to help protect from fossilised. Turtles are born with a shell. The shell is used for a weapon. The Leather back turtles shell is under their skin. Shells are used for camouflage. The shell is a home for them. People use the turtle shell for jewelry. All turtles have shells but some are different. Without a shell their ribs and other bones would fall out when they walk or swim. A shell is basically skin for its back. A turtle can’t walk or swim without a shell. They have a shell to hide from predators. We can’t stop them from having a shell. The shell is basically an outer rib of the turtle. Some turtles have a different type of shell. Turtles are dinosaurs.

Why does Buffalo get more snow then we do?
Grace Emily Marlene Kiera

More snow falls because it’s colder there. Buffalo is in the USA there is about 4-5 feet of snow. We don’t get more snow than Buffalo because north winds blows across the land and doesn’t get much moisture. Wind blows from North West and south east. Buffalo gets of it snow from Lake Erie called lake effect snow. Wind comes from the WSW in winter and brings cold air and picks up moisture. 11 hours ago the buffalo news announced first snow storm of season could give buffalo a years’ worth of snow (8 feet in three days)


 MineCraft was created by a guy named notch. Minecraft was also invented by notch mojang and JINXS. THE FIRST ITEM THAT MINECRAFT HAD IN THE WORLD WAS A WOOD BLOCK AND THE SWORD. FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS GREGERY BYLOS HAS BEEN DOING PRETY WELL OUT OF MINECRAFT. MINECRAFT WAS INVENTED WHEN NOTCH INVITED TWO OF HIS FRIENDS TO THE GAME MINECRAFT. His company mineplex runs a server network for fans of the massively successful construction game as well as giving players all over the globe the chance to build in the same worlds together bylos and the staff have developed of costum minecraft modes.  

Why Are Houses Made Out of Wood?
By Tye and Mason

Wooden houses are eco-friendly and healthier to live in. Log houses are made from logs because they are resistant to earthquakes. They are made out of logs because they are easy to build. We make wood houses I costs less money to make it. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SOLE Research

Why Do Our Dead Family Members Visit Us In Our Dreams? 

By Emily Corbett 

If you were wondering yes it is possible for family members to visit us in our dreams.
Your dead family members visit you because they want you to know they’re going to be fine and that you are going to be fine to.

They visit you in your dreams because they are still concerned about you and what decisions you are going to make in your life. If your dead family members or a really close friend with you who died visits you it will not happen that often.  They will only visit you in your dreams because it is an ideal place for them to make contact with you. When you are dreaming you are in a relaxed state so it’s easier for them to get your attention. While dreaming you are disconnected from physical awareness and more connected to your super conscious if you are lucid dreamer.

Your subconscious is a part of your mind that creates your dreams and is the part of your mind that operates without awareness and you do not have active control at that time.
Lucid Dreaming is Realizing Your Dreaming while the dream is going on and sometimes that can frighten you if you wake up too quickly.

Lucid dreaming can also mean something like this, if you are inside a dream, and say a purple giraffe with blue dots runs across the road in front of you and you stop and say "This is a Dream", that is what Lucid Dreaming is and what it means.

Spirit communication feels very different than a dream it almost feels like as if it is real. Usually with spirit communication the person who died will simply speak with you and tell you they are in a better place now. When they are talking to you they could be sitting on your bed, standing in front of your bed, calling on you a phone or they could be talking to you in a place that both of you really liked.

If one of your family members ever came to talk to you in your dream the message they will tell you will always be short and they will get right to the point.


Are Fruits Healthy??????
By: James Swaine
Most of the people in our country (Canada) know that fruits are healthy as some of the people that come to my class in Coronation Public School bring a type of fruit for the morning snack/lunch/afternoon snack. And most of the people at my country know that fruits are the default health foods. The reason there the default health foods because they were quite tasty back then and were easy to find in forests and jungles. Also, the easiest foods to prepare is nature’s fast food because the main reason is that there so easy to prepare. They were also the most perfect food on the entire surface to eat, and pretty hard to find. Most people say that apples come from forests and bananas come from banana trees. And yes. Fruits are always healthy, all fruits are healthy anyways. The fruits taste depends on the type of fruit. There even used to make other types of food. The main reason fruits are healthy is because most fruits are loaded up with vitamins, minerals, and other types of nutrients.

Why do we see colours?          
By Grace

Our eyes and brain work together to turn light into colour.  Light receptors in the eye send messages to the brain which produces familiar sensations of colour. Newton saw that colour is not inherent in objects. The face of an object reflects some of the light and absorbs the rest. We see only the colour reflecting for instance an apple is not red we see the red reflecting of off the apple the rest is absorbed.  An object is white when it reflects all the wavelengths and an object is black when it absorbs all the wavelengths. Red green and blue are additive primary colours of the spectrum. Red green and blue light also produce pure white. All the light that is visible can be produced. The retina is covered in millions of light sensitive cells. The retina is the part of the brain that produces colour. Some of the light sensitive cells are shaped like cones.  Some of the cells are shaped like rods. Colour shines as light and sunlight as we see it, it is colourless. In reality a rainbow the colours are present in white light. Light comes from a source and that source is the sun. All the invisible colours that the sun produces shine onto the object. An apple for instance the light hits the apple and we see red.

Why Do We Have Nightmares 

We have nightmares because while you sleep your eyes move back and forth and it sometimes causes nightmares. Every 90 minutes your brain goes from non REM (Rapid Eye Movement) to REM. Things that upset you or scare you can give you nightmares like if you are scared of ghosts it can give you a nightmare. If a person you know dies you might get a nightmare of them dying again. Some kids need a stuffed animal or a toy to keep them happy. Adults can even get nightmares about their kids getting sick. Did you know that sometimes taking new medicines can give you nightmares? If you notice you are getting lots of nightmares you should tell your parents. There is a cure for too many nightmares you can take sleep aids and that will give you less nightmares. Animals cannot have nightmares but they can dream. When you wake a pet up when it is sleeping it might hiss or growl because you scared it. Nightmares can make you move in your sleep because you will try to protect yourself. When you watch a scary movie you will probably get a nightmare. Some scary movies are Freddy VS Jason, Chucky,The Conjuring and The Purge Anarchy. There is nothing to prevent nightmares.

Why Do People Snore  
   By: Emma

Snoring is caused when you can’t move air though the nose or the mouth freely. It can also be caused by poor sleep posture or      narrowing of the airway. The sound is produced by vibrating structures of the upper airway. Snoring can be stopped by elevating the head. Snoring occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Some people only snore during allergy seasons. Alcohol intake, smoking, and certain medications can increase muscle relaxation leading to more snoring. Snoring can also be caused by age as you reach middle age and beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat decreases. Babies snore because their throat is developing.