Friday, July 29, 2016

Are you ready to unzombify?

Testing has been the mantra of school boards for a few years now. Raise those test scores they say. Everyone has to be a B student.

While at the same time they are also saying be experimental. Use research based learning. Teach the kids to apply the skills they have been taught. They are sending mixed messages.

Teaching to the test has become the way of life in schools. No longer are teachers given the opportunity to expand children’s horizons by letting them think for themselves. Instead students are being directed how to pass a test. The thing is, in life their is no big test. Students must learn to apply their thinking to solving problems through social interaction. They need to learn to rely on their judgement, survive their mistakes and move forward with stronger and better ideas. In school failure is not acceptable. In life, it makes us stronger.

Through using SOLE , at, students research their own ideas, develop their thought processes and follow their instincts all the while applying all the knowledge they gain in school.

Are you ready to unzombify?   

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unzombify. Make the switch.

Most people see education as what you learned in school. It is only natural they think that because that is what they have been taught in their lives. Education is so much more than school. School teaches us basic things we need to know such as how to read and how to compute in math. But education is so much more than that. It is the application of the knowledge we learn from all sources in our lives. It is the growth we feel when we discuss and apply our knowledge. It is the growth we experience from following our interests and purusing our ideas. It is life long. It is personal.

Unzombify is about all this and more. It offers a place where you can follow your thoughts, have discussions with others, learn new concepts and ideas. Unzombify encourages you to be who you are and the best you can be.

Unzombify. Make the switch.  

Why Unzombify?

To learn means to open one’s mind to the possibilities that lie before them. The mind should not be closed off to any thoughts that pop into it. We should work to accept all ideas for what they are, ideas that need to be explored, accepted or rejected after careful consideration or built upon so that better ideas are developed. Unzombify is exactly that. Open your mind to the possibilities that lie before you.  Boldly follow your thoughts to reach new horizons Explore the possibilities of life.

Through explore it with like minded people. The world is yours to explore.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Education rests in your hands.

Please take our survey to help us grow Unzombify to meet your needs. We want to make SOLE the best it can be.

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Unzombify is a new website that will give access to students anywhere in the world to work together on SOLE projects or project assignments. We are also working to develop curriculum related assignments for Homeschool children or anyone else who wants to participate.

We are excited to provide a place for your insights to help us develop the website so that it becomes tailored to your specific needs. Take our survey on the website or contact us through the website.

Education is yours to develop.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Welcome to, the latest in SOLE.

Welcome to As a recently retired teacher with over 30 years teaching experience I fell in love with SOLE when reading about it. What amazed me the most was the enjoyment, learning, and camaraderie that developed because the students were working together on assignments. As an academically weaker student said, "I love SOLE because now I feel like an equal with the smarter kids." SOLE is the great equalizer

I have used SOLE to teach most subjects, using the big questions posed in the curriculum to delve deeper into topics. I mixed this with true SOLE, as found in Sugata Mitra’s Handbook, where students researched their own topics of interest.

Now that I have retired from public education I wish to continue to build upon SOLE experiences by giving students anywhere in the world an opportunity to work together to research topics of their interest. Please join me to help build my SOLE organization

Please visit the website and then take one of our surveys to help us make the SOLE experience a rich one for everyone.

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Coming soon, Unzombify: the new SOLE experience.