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 October 11, 2013
The Circulatory System notes
Heart Disease 
Question 1          What can happen to the circulatory system? 
Blood can stop pumping to your muscles
Oxygen and glucose will not get to the cells through the blood
Cells will die and you will die
Without the circulatory system the body can’t fight disease
Can come in child hood
If blood stops flowing the brain will not live and it could get brain damaged
The lungs get the bad blood away from the heart then then take out the carbon dioxide then return oxygenated blood to the heart to circulate through the body
Question 2          What organs are affected?

1.        the heart is affected
-The heart pumps blood through the body
2.        the lungs (pulmonary)
-The lungs bring oxygen into the body then it circulates through the body back to the heart arteries, veins, and portal vessels (systemic)
3.     The brain
                -The brain tells the heart to pump and at what speed
                If exercising it knows to speed up, of sleeping it knows to slow down
Question 3          What are the causes or diseases?
        1.        Valvular Stenosis
                When the valves narrow and blood can’t get through
                Can be caused by Pneumatic fever
2.        Heart disease
3.        Arteriosclerosis
                Buildup of fat or cholesterol
                Common in circulatory system
                Causes stiffening and narrowing of the arteries
4.        Hypertension
                Blood pushes against artery walls
   Causes high blood pressure
                This causes the heart to pump faster giving it more risk
                This leads to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure
5.        High blood pressure
6.        Diabetes
7. Smoking
8. Too much caffeine or alcohol
9. Drugs
10. Stress
11. Congenital heart defects
12. Could be born with
13. Could be because of Down syndrome
14. Could be because mom did drugs while pregnant
15. Coronary artery disease
16. Blood vessel disease
Question 4          Are there any treatments for the disease
There is no cure for heart disease
See your doctor regularly
1.        Lifestyle changes
Eat healthy (low sodium, low fat)
Quit smoking
Limit alcohol
Exercise more
2.        Medications
We will talk about later
3.        Surgery
             1.        Coronary angioplasty
a.        The doctor puts a catheter into the artery to insert a small balloon to unblock arteries and reopen them
b .      Then a stint is places in to keep the artery open
      2.        Coronary artery bypass
a.        Use a vein from the leg to bypass the blocked   section of the artery
       3.        Vegal Maneuvers
a.        Dunk face in cold water
b .      Hold breath or cough
      4.        Cardio version
a.        Electric shock to reset the rhythm of the heart
     5.        Pacemaker
a.        Put pacemaker in beside the heart and it will use electrical impulses to slow down or speed up the heart
 The EKG (electrocardiogram)
                Is a machine used to evaluate circulatory system
                It tells doctors how fast the heart beats and the rhythm
                Is used to measure how fast the heart beats and the rhythm
                Is a cuff that a doctor uses to check the blood pressure
Question 5          Are there any medications
Blood pressure pills
Blood thinners
Cholesterol pills
Clots from getting bigger
Must take all medication correctly to work
Medications prevent clots
 Question 6          Are there any cures for heart disease
There is no cure
Take medication
Eat healthy
We can raise money for:
Supplies to search for a cure
Question 7 what can we do to prevent the disease        
We can raise money for:
Supplies to search for a cure
Fun Facts
12 million people die because of heart disease each year in the world
Women die more often than men from heart disease
Heart beats almost 100,000 times in a day
If your heart goes out of rhythm you will die
About 2,000 gallons of blood travel through 60,000 miles of vessels per day
The average person has 5-6 quarts of blood in their body
The American Heart Association says that heart disease is the leading of death in the USA
Cardiologist are doctors that specialize in the heart, arteries and veins

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