Friday, October 4, 2013

What Is Gravity?
By Rheya, Olivia and Jaylah

Gravity is a force that pulls toward the earth through your body or other objects. All planets have gravity. Heavier planets have more gravity. Gravity is what keeps the planets in orbit around the sun. Sir Isaac Newton thought that all gravity  was attracted to the center of the Earth.

What is your Brain Made Out Of?

The brain isn't made of muscles or bone. The brain is made of approximately 100 billion nerve cells. A nerve cell has a bulb like body that is attached to a longer nerve fiber. Neurons share the same characteristics and have the same make up as other cells.

How Do People Get Cancer?
By Caden, Kaydn, Keeshan, Hunter

There are more than 200 ways to get cancer. Smoking is among the most common ways. Cancer can be anywhere in your body because their are different types of cancer. Brain cancer can hurt or make you nauseous. Often the brain , lungs or other organs with cancer turn black.

What Makes Tornadoes Form?
By Mia, Dora, Alisha, Adrian M.

A tornado is made out of wind and water. First it starts out as a huge and powerful storm with lots of gusts of wind. Thunderstorms are a part of a tornado. It is from air rising and twisting. Think of it as a spinning top. If it doesn't spin fast enough it won't work. As the air twists faster and faster a funnel cloud forms and begins to sink towards the Earth. Many tornadoes occur in the American Midwest in a place known as Tornado Alley. In Canada many occur in Ontario every year.

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