Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Brain

Brain tumors

By Kaydn and Keeshan

What do brain tumors look and feel like?

* Brain tumors grow to feel like ping-pong balls

 *Round and hard

*They feel like a bone in your body but its growing tissue

            Look Like                                                      Feel Like

* They look like growing tissue

*They look like balls coming out of the brain

*They look like a bubbly substance


Where can tumors affect you?                                                                                                   

Brain tumors don’t just affect the brain                              

*They can affect the whole body

*Arms, legs, chest, thighs and much more places

*Brain tumors can be outside of the brain or inside

How many people do brain tumors affect?
* 612,000 people in the U.S.A. have brain tumors
* Some of the brain tumors are rare, some very rare

* Brain tumors can affect males and females

What do brain tumors do?
* brain tumors can cause cancer in your brain

* brain tumors can also damage brain cells

* brain tumors cause problems when they exert pressure

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