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All About Christmas
Dora, Alisha, Caden, Adrian M
The representative for Santa was born in Patara, Turkey in 280. He died December 6th 343 in Myra, Turkey. He then transferred into Santa Claus. Before he died, he was a Christen bishop who provided for the poor and sick. The date of Christmas is December 25 in most places or January 6th or 7th or 19th. Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world’s nations. Christmas is called Christmas because it combines 2 words Christ’s Mass. The term literally means the Mass of Christ. No one knows exactly how long Christmas has been around for.

How did the earth form?
Hunter, Zach, Andrew, Denyce
A billion years ago the solar system was nothing but a bunch of clouds. The clouds of dust were made of called dust particles. The dust particles soon got attracted to each other, and formed one big spinning disc. As the disc spun, the disc separated it into smaller rings. The spinning of the rings made them white hot. The center of the rings was the sun. The outer rings turned to large balls of fire. The balls were made of gas and molten liquid and soon turned into planets. The planets were Earth, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Mercury and many other planets.

What Makes Lightning?
Abi. Mia
Lightning is produced in thunderstorms. It is  made as liquid and ice particles move above freezing level collide. There is a build up of large electrical fields in the clouds. Once electrical fields become large enough a giant spark occurs between them.  Thunderstorms produce lightning and are very dangerous.  Lightning kills and injures more than hurricanes and tornados each year. The number of people killed and injured is in between 100-1500 people. Have any of you ever rubbed your feet across carpet and then touched a metal doorknob and get shocked? That is what happens with lightning

How Do You Make Something 3D?
3d films are captured using two lenses placed side by side just like your eyes. 3D films like Avatar trick your mind, bringing images projected onto a flat cinema screen and projecting them forward. in old fashioned 3D films, footage for the left eye would be filmed using a red lens filter, producing a red image, and footage for the right eye would be shot using a blue filter, resulting in a blue image.  Together they fool the eye into thinking something is standing out or sitting back on the screen.

HOW Does a Snowflake FORM?
Olivia, Rheya, Keeshan, Katelynne
BEFORE SNOW FALLS, IT TURNS INTO ICE CRYSTALS. When the ice crystals get heavy, they form six tiny arms, and as they fall, the arms grow and get bigger as droplets of water attach themselves to the crystal and freezes. It also has to be less than 0 degrees to snow. Snow starts in the Earth’s atmosphere as tiny droplets.
A snowflake gets it shape from the way the air hits it.

Why do we dream when there is nothing there?

When you close your eyes you imagine stuff. Your brain is active during rem (rapid eye movement). The rapid eye movement exercises the brain during long periods of sleep. Neurotransmitters remained active during sleep. Recent research reveals that our dreams are our mind at work organizing and making sense of memories, sort of like therapy but only inside your head.

Our thoughts about dreaming.

Caoimhe What I think is that the threats in life that we see makes you dream bad things like you are falling off a cliff.

I think what happens in the day could get involved with your mind and get in your dreams

When you dream the images in your mind come to life

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