Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Student Evaluation Of SOLE

Today I had my students do a written evaluation of SOLE. Below are their responses to the questions asked. I am impressed with the depth of insight they demonstrate. Happy Reading.

What do you like about SOLE?

- it helps your brain learn what it needs to know about things.
- we can use the computer to find information
- we use the computer to type what we found instead of writing it on paper
- you get to form a group to research a question you came up with
- you can learn from what other groups research
- it helps improve your reading and writing
- that it is okay to learn
- the computer has more information than a book
- it is fun
- you get to know everyone in your class
- you get to present to the class
- if you are wondering about something you get to find out about it
- it is the perfect way to learn about a topic
- instead of reading through books you get to use the computer and the internet
- that we get to research every question we want to know about
- I learn a bunch of information about a variety of topics
- I learned more than I did before we did SOLE
- it increased my reading level
- I like how you can do this at home, at school, by yourself or with a group
- you get to work with your friends
- we come up with the questions that need to be answered
- it teaches you more than you know about a topic
- you are not told what to do, you get to decide it
- I learn something new every time we do a SOLE
- I learn about the people I am doing it with
- you learn about whatever you want

How has SOLE affected how you learn?
- it has shown me how to research better
- I have learned far more than I thought I would from the internet
- it made me a better reader and writer
- because it easier and more fun to learn this way I am happier
- I did not know I was a good presenter
- you can get lot of info but you can’t cut and paste
- it encourage me to read
- we use the computer more effectively
- it helped me become a better researcher
- it makes me remember the answers to hard questions
- that when we use a laptop for research and a laptop for putting down the information we learned not to plagiarize
- I am reading harder books because SOLE increased my vocabulary
- it has increased my reading, writing, vocabulary, self esteem and leadership skills
- I learned to work better in groups and how to get along with people I might not work with
- it made me smarter
- SOLE got me to a higher reading level
- it helped me to talk better to an audience

How will SOLE change school?

- we were taught old things, now we learn new things
- it changes boring to fun
- it helps make us focussed
- books are not needed anymore
- it would make students happier
- we would learn more than we thought we could
- we would have access to more information than a text book
- SOLE would improve everyone’s reading making their grade levels higher
- the whole school could work on questions in large groups

What is special about SOLE?

- SOLE is special because people can be dumb but if they do SOLE they can become smarter
- we always get to use the computer
- we are typing up our answers instead of writing them out by hand
- it is fun
- Everything about SOLE is special
- it helps your brain grow when you research and share with the class
- it is like always working on a project with your friends
- it is a good way to use electronics
- everything
- it helps you with your reading because you are reading and researching all the time
- it is an effective way of learning
- it uses electronics which is a faster way to learn
- it is special because not many schools are doing it
- it changes how we work together in a classroom
- you work with friends
- how much more I learn from my friends
- you learn what you are interested in and passionate about

What have you learned about yourself by using SOLE?

- I learned I can be smarter when I think
- That I can improve myself and that I am equal with everyone else
- I work well in a group because I learn more and get more done
- it is fun working with other people
- working in groups is faster
- that I would rather be a leader than a follower
- I also realized I like working independently
- I am a better researcher than I thought I was
- I was always saying “I can’t do this,” but now I barely say that at all
- I made new friends with my classmates
- I can do whatever I put my mind to
- I always tried my best but it never seemed to work out. With SOLE that has changed.
- I learned to work well in groups
- Learned that I am smarter than I thought I was and that I ask good questions
- that I do interact well with others
- how much I know about a lot of topics
- I love typing and became more interested in some of the things we researched

What have you learned about your classmates while doing SOLE?

- some people are very serious about their work
- some are very different from me
- I like their reactions when we find a very good fact
- some students are good at different things. Some read well, some type well and some write very neatly
- some are very focused
- some share better than others
- some are good to work with and some are not
- they are gifted in their own ways
- I learned about the different interests my classmates had
- some people were shy and didn’t want to go in front of the class but now they are up there with everyone else
- how much smarter they are now
- they are excellent researchers
- they are great people when we do SOLE
- some are shy and some are good leaders
- they have good questions, are always happy
- they are not distracted while presenting
- some work well in groups and some don’t

- I learn a lot every time we research
- I liked researching Van Gogh, How the Earth was formed, How to make 3D movies, Why can’t men have babies?, How to make hats, and all about Christmas
- I don’t like that some people choose  partners that don’t focus and talk about silly things


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