Monday, December 2, 2013

Today we experimented a little bit. The students were given two laptops per group. One for research and one for recording information in their own words. This meant the recording and rewriting could be quicker. It also made sure that the copy and paste method was not being used.

Why do the leaves on trees change colours?

Dora, Caoimhe, Rheya, Cameron

The leaves on trees can be red, purple, yellow or orange as a result of the chemical processes.  Chemical processes place in the tree as seasons change.  Leaves only change colour in the fall. The reason is because when Fall comes around, the Chlorophyll breaks down and the green disappears, and shows yellow, orange, red and purple colours. The pigments in the leaf also help with the colour. For example, Anthocyanin’s and carotenoids will appear the colour orange. And Carotenoids will appear orange, red, but mainly yellow. Tannins is responsible for brown coloured oak leaves. Trees also store the nutrients in the roots for winter to absorb the leaves and survive the winter. Some trees will lose their leaves very easily, such as pine, spruce, firs, hemlocks, cedars, etc.  Some trees won’t lose their leaves for 2-4 years or more.  Also on Fall leaves, the temperature, light, and water supply have an influence on the degree of Fall colours.

 Eye Injuries

Abi, Kaydn, Mia
In your knee you have glands and if you scratch those glands it get to the nerves. But when you scratch your eye it is one of the most sensitive things in your body because you don’t have  glands or something covering the nerves so the nerve get ruptured  and hurts. Under your eye you have many nerves. Under your eye your nerves are the most sensitive. There are many types of injuries around, near, and in your eye. Corneal abrasion, scratched cornea, pink eye, and many more. Scratches around and near and on the eye are very serious they may need very expensive medical help: Such as surgery, stitches, antibiotics, and much more.
  Stellar system                          Adrian m&d Hunter             

A stellar system is another name for a star system. A star system or stellar system is a small number of stars which orbit each other, bound by gravitational attraction. A large number of stars bound by gravitation is generally called a star cluster or galaxy, although they are also star systems. A Stellar system of two stars is known as a binary star. A multiple consists of three or more stars that appear from the earth to be close to another one in the sky
What Causes Earthquakes?
Aaliyah, Keeshan, Alisha
Website: htt://
-         An earthquake happens when rocks break down and move as a result of stress caused by plate movements
-         There is more than 1 type of earthquake
-         There are interpolate and volcanic earthquakes
-         Volcanic earthquakes forms with melted rocks called magma it’s stored in reservoirs
-         All earthquakes on main land Australia and Tasmania are interpolate
-         Earths outer layer is broken into a bunch of pieces called tectonic plate which are almost about a 100km thick and are constantly moving away from the past year
Website:HTTP:// volcanic
-there is one other thing that causes earthquakes movement by the movements of plates under the earth’s surface

What Is A Goose Egg 
Zach, Andrew, Caden

First you bump your head. The bigger the fall the more pain and the bump gets bigger. An ice pack helps make the swelling go down.  If the injury is severe it was probably from falling or hitting your head. Some of the side effects are head ache and swelling. It swells like a goose egg because there is no place else for the bruise and blood to go but out. On other parts of your body your muscles can absorb the bruise. It can sometimes lead to a concussion. Some symptoms of a concussion are dizziness, vomiting, stumbling.

Why do they call a safety pin if it’s not safe
Stewart, Denyce, Cody
Safety pins are called safety pins because you can lock the pin part of it in this type of holder

When a safety pin is used properly to close dippers and more they are very safe. They are good for arts and crafts.

Safety pins are used for closing things. There is a different type of safety pin that is used for hanging up clothes on the close line.

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