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December 18 Research

How Did Santa Become Part of Christmas?
Katelynne , Andrew, Cody

People call Santa Old Saint Nick, Santa Claus, and Kris Kringle. St. Nick was a Christian Bishop who lived in Turkey. People thought he was the protector of the children and travelers. When St. Nicholas died he was called a Saint. Before St. Nick died his 3 daughters got gifts from him. Then every year the tradition started. Every year the day that St. Nick died, (December 25) people gave out presents to each other. Santa wears a red coat and red pants a red hat with a white ball and a black belt. St. Nick spread to the other continents and countries and the people in those countries called Saint Nick, Santa Claus. Santa has 9 reindeer. Their names are Dasher, Dancer, Prance Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.
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                             Why Does Santa Wear Red and White?

By Dora, Denyce, and Caden.

Santa is known for having a red and white suit due to Coca Cola.  Santa was in an ad wearing red and white. Then once the ad spread, Santa was known for red and white. But before the ad Santa wore tons of different colours, like green, purple, light blue, navy blue, red, and also he sometimes wore brown or black with white furs. But he also used to wear a mistletoe crown, hat, a nightcap and a bishops mitre. Santa also wears red and white due to his style. Santa also used to smoke a clay pipe. Also, every December 25th, millions are visited by Santa in his red suit.

What is more common on top of a Christmas tree and why?

By: Abi, Alisha, Mia

The most common tree topper is an angel. The angel is most common because it is referred to Christmas angel. Other tree toppers maybe ribbon bows Santa Claus Christian crosses Christmas Owls and sunbursts. Tree toppers may be made of blown glass medal or plastics around other materials.   In the Christmas story angel sang on high to announce the birth of Jesus the fairy on top of the tree was originally a little figure of little Jesus. In late 17th century Germany this became a shining angel. Windsor’s castles Christmas trees were topped by a large angel In Victorian Britain little girls would take down the angel down after Christmas and dress him in dolls clothes. Eventually the angel was turned into a female fairy completing with a wand the angels hung on the trees represent the angels who  Herald the birth of Messiah. The star is one of the most important ornaments of the Christmas tree. It is indicating the guiding stars which lead the Shepherds and Kings to the new born Jesus Christ.

Why are elves so short?

By: Jaylah Katie and Rheya

Have you ever wondered why elves are so small? Well we have the answer!!! 

         Elves are magic like Santa, so they could have made themselves small to fit in small spaces for emergencies. Elves are also short so that they can have small hands to paint little details on the toys. The first elf book came out in 1850 and there was a movie. Elves act as Santa’s special helper. They have certain jobs like sorting or toy making or super-vising. Some even go with Santa to drop all the toys in the little kid’s stockings.
Some people think it’s because they have embodied a child’s spirit because children are so small. I think it is because Elves are soooo old that they shrink.  I think that elves are small because Santa is magic so he made them small. I think that instead of aging they get younger so before any of us where alive, they were tall. I’d imagine when elves are born they are about the size of a ginger-bread man!!!!!                    
There are your answers folks!!!!
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What is a hoodoo?

By Andrew and Zach

Hoodoos look like withered rock with harder rock on top.  The closest location is Drumheller, Alberta.  A hoodoo is also known as a tent rock, fairy chimney or earth pyramid.  It looks like a tall, thin spirally rock.  Hoodoos can grow up to 5 to 150 feet tall.

                                      How do hoodoos form?

They are usually formed by sediment rock or volcanic rock formations.  They are mostly found in the hot dry desert.  The base of the hoodoos is made of sandstone then hard rock on top.

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How Did Google Get Its Name?

By Stewart, Aidan and Cody

Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet related services and products. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and while they were earning their Ph.D. at Stanford. Google has grown through communication hardware and it’s the browser - only chrome OS.
The corporation has been estimated more than a million servers in data centers around the world
About Headphones

Aaliyah, Adrian D. and Olivia

 The ear buds/headphone has a piece of plastic that vibrates in response to sounds. When the plastic moves it is creating sound waves that go from your earphones / headphones in to your ear. Another answer that we found is an electric signal is sent from your music system to the cable of your headphones. The headphone & ear buds have the same system it goes from the music player to the cord to your ears so you can hear.
Why Do People Hurt Other People?

By: Cameron, Hunty and Keeshan 

It is a sickness called “Munchausen Syndrome.” But it only sometimes causes people to hurt other people. It also makes people that have the type of syndrome to hit others when they don’t try to or they don’t even know if they hurt another person. Munchausen syndrome isn’t the same thing as hypochondria, which is a sickness that people believe that they are sick.

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