Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Self Evaluation Part 2

Here is a late addition to the Self Evaluation of SOLE from yesterday.

What do you like about SOLE?
- it is more than learning from a text book. Text books are simple and just give you the answer.but with SOLE you are using the internet, and you get both the answer and background information to make your understanding stronger.

How has SOLE affected your learning?
- it is more exciting than paper and pencil work
- we are growing up with technology and using it

How will SOLE change school?
- kids would have more fun if they were doing SOLE
- kids would want to go to school

What is special about SOLE?
- we learn more from researching in groups
- we learn more when we are interested in what we are learning

What have you learned about yourself by using SOLE?
- I can take more initiative in my work.
- I can use SOLE outside of school

How do you think SOLE will help students around the world?
- the world would be a better place
- their might be less bullying and more sharing
- people working on teams are more like people in real jobs

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