Friday, April 11, 2014

What Makes Things Bounce
by Stewart, Jaycee, Olivia and Rheya
Soft ball:
Before you throw a ball it has potential energy.  When a ball hits the ground it forms kinetic energy.  Then the ball reforms its shape it returns back to potential energy

Soccer Ball:
A soccer ball bounces to a physic of dynamics.  The material of the soccer ball that composes it helps it to bounce. The weight of the soccer ball changes how the ball bounces due to the materials, the weight, and the substance. The weight and substance will allow it to bounce higher than a basketball but it also counts of how much air is inside the ball.

The basketball is just like a soccer ball it just has more rubber and is heavier which makes it have a disadvantage.  Since the basketball is heavier it will bounce lower than the soccer and the soft ball.

Plastic ball:
The plastic ball is the lightest of them all with means it bounces the highest due to the plastic and the lightness. 

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