Friday, April 11, 2014

Who is Al Capone?
By Caden, Andrew, Adrian and Caoimhe

Al Capone was born January 17 1899 in Brooklyn New York.  Al Capone died on January 25 1947 in Miami Beach Florida. His full name was Alphonse Gabriel  Capone. His siblings were Frank, Ralph, and James Capone. His child was Albert Francis Capone. Al was a American gangster. He was the worst in the 1920’s. He was in gangs when he was a kid. He quit school in sixth grade at the age of 14. He quit school because he beat up a teacher in the sixth grade. He picked up education on the streets where he lived. His first job was being a clerk in a candy store. He was also a pin boy in a bowling alley and he was a cutter in a book bindery. He was hired by Torrio and Frankie Yale as a bartender and  as a bouncer  when he was older at the Harvard Inn.  AL’s nick name is Scar Face because Frank Gallucio got Al with a knife.  Al married Mary May in 1918. Al Capone planned the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. His men lined 7 men up and then killed them all. Capone’s first arrest was because of a disorderly conduct charge.  In New York he killed two police officers while he was on the run. No one saw him kill the police so they could not send him to jail. He moved to Chicago to get away from the police. After a little while he moved back and bought a new house at 7224 South Prairie Avenue. Some of his nicknames were Scar Face, Snarky, the Big Fella, King Alphonse, Public Enemy # 1 and Big Al. He was 5 foot ten and a half. He was an infamous Chicago gangster. 

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