Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sharks Full Write Up. July 15 SOLE session


By Liam, Luke and Kaydn

The oceans makes our world go around. They provides ⅓ of global food production. But with all that sharks have to eat! Sharks keep the ocean in balance. They allow populations of other creatures to maintain healthy levels. They are one of the largest predators. Sharks eat bad stuff to save the good stuff!

There are over 400 different kinds of sharks. Some sharks have unique diets. They live in the oceans mainly in warm climates. They can live deep in the ocean as well as near the surface. There are some sharks that live in freshwater. Most live in salt water. Some sharks are longer than school bus. On some sharks parts them glow in dark. Most sharks have teeth that grow back after they fall out. Some sharks don’t really need teeth. Sharks belong to a family fish with cartilage bones. Their population is rising especially along the Eastern US and Canada.

Sharks are important to ensure that all parts of the food chain are controlled. They make sure the quantity and health of other marine life is kept in check keeping the oceans healthy. Algae produces around half of the oxygen that we breathe. Sharks control the food chain balance. Without it oceans could become overrun with algae. This would cut oxygen quantities in our atmosphere. This would not be good for earth. Sharks tend to feed on weak, old and unhealthy fish. Shark feeding helps stop the spread of disease among fish populations.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Sand Tiger Shark and Fish

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