Friday, June 7, 2013

As a teacher I often hear people talking about kids in demeaning tones. "He did this and this and this.""She was so disrespectful." and so on. It seems it is a part of our society all this negativism. "I want what I want." The reality is that if we are positive and respectful we see positive and respectful back. I know the kids in my class are good kids. I tell them this all the time. I try to say nice things about each of them everyday. When there is a problem I speak to them quietly and independently to let them know what is on my mind. Even if I am upset with them I try to be respectful. It goes a long way. By the same token I know that the teachers I work with are good people. They are good, and honest and hard working.

I think the idea of "Don't worry, be happy"  probably sums it up best. Laugh, enjoy, let the negative go. It says more about the person who says it than it does about the person it is directed at.

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