Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mission Statements

Today we worked on Mission Statements. At first it was confusing for them as they wanted to tie their mission statements directly into projects they want to develop. After coaching them through their ideas they got the drift of it.

We will show the kids how good SOLE is to use. Then we will talk about technology and how it can improve their lives.

Our Mission is to encourage kids to use SOLE to discover the world around them. We will do this through encouraging them to use technlogy.

We will talk to other kids about how awesome SOLE is and why technology make learning easier. We want to teach them about technology and SOLE.

We want to help kids around the world learn the benefits of technology.

Kids Got SOLE will help kids around the world to improve their education through learning about SOLE.

We would like to help kids communicate with each other. We will teach kids to use SOLE and technology effectively.
We would like children to have a better education by using SOLE and to learn about Google products We want to teach kids how to use SOLE so they can be more educated.

We will be taking these mission statements and combining elements of each to make an effective mission statement.

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