Thursday, June 27, 2013

The last day

One of the great things about teaching is being able to touch the lives of the children you teach.

Thank you to all my students who said many positive, heart warming words today. They were appreciated because they were so heart felt. Four in particular touched me pretty much, well other than Lee embracing me in a walking bear hug at the end of the day.

Abu said: " I have had a great year with you!!! I thought Sole was AMAZINGLY FUN!!!! I hope I get another awesome year next year!!!!! I can't wait till September!!! You are an Amazing teacher and you taught me lots!!!!! Thanks for not giving up on me!!!! It means a lot!!!!!

Skye said, "I was very happy to be in your class this year. I tried my hardest and am confident with my report cards, especially in math. You have helped me boost my confidence all the way through. Thank you for taking the next step in education or this wouldn't have felt half as important or fun."

Kaiya said, "You are so nice and kind to me especially when I am sad. You always care when something has happened to someone. You are the best. I will miss you."

And lastly a student who I taught last year dropped by to say good bye as she is moving.
Sama said," You are the best teacher I ever had. You are the only one who cared about me and listened to me, really listened. This is what makes you so special."

Awe thanks guys (girls). I am only a good teacher because I work with amazingly good people everyday. You make it fun and interesting. You show respect.

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