Saturday, June 22, 2013

What can you tell us about Google Hangouts? Be specific when you explain it.
By: Bill Ferguson

Answered by Dora and Alisha

Google Hangouts.
Well, Google Hangouts...
Is an AMAZING program!!
I love this so much! <3
*You can 9 people
*You can access other documents and still talk with other people while in a Google Hangout
I just love this so much!!!

If you compare Skype and Google Hangouts. Let’s just look at the difference!

Google Hangouts
Add up to 9 people (Pro)
1 person (Con)
Status Update (Pro)
Status Update (Pro)
Add contacts/friends in a circle (Pro)
Add contacts/friends (Pro)
Talking with friends during a hangout (Pro)
can’t talk to friends during Skype (Con)
Accessing other things during a hangout (Pro)
Not accessing things (like docs) during a Skype (Con)
Very easy and accessible (Pro)
Very easy and accessible  (Pro)

Look at how much of a difference there is! On all of “Google Hangouts”  they are all “Pro!”
And on “Skype” there is 3 “Pro” and 3 “Con.”
With that little chart, you can say the outline on how much better “Google Hangouts” is!!!

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